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Fox's Shots Fired 107 is HD-only

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Shots Fired S01E07 aired Wed 03 May on Fox. It is available in HD, but not SD. All the preceding episodes, plus newest ep 8, are available in SD, so this is a flub-up. Please get Fox to add it.
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I didn't expect this clear error and omission to be fixed over the weekend, especially it being Mothers Day.

But don't they work on Monday at Fox Television?
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Y'all gonna make me sing the lyrics of "Stormy Monday" the whole way thru, aint'cha? The rate we goin', Tuesday was just as bad, and no doubt Wednesday will be worse, with Thursday also sad. Will The Eagle fly on Friday, though ?!
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Well I'll be dog-maddened. I would have predicted a fix here before payday. It's a shame that eagles will fly given the non-fix and non-response by both Fox and Comcast. Can't Comcast generate the SD from the HD ?
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ForrestS, I tried to get some traction on this issue with @ComcastCares - to no avail.  I requested they work with FOX, check with the network if there was an oversight in sending the content and ensure there was no issue/error in-house in downloading the SD episode to the On Demand server.  Their reply was the standard "...owner is responsible for content...", then silence.


The full length, 60 minute episode of 107 in SD was available for 3 days after it aired; that's when I saw it.  As you noted, the time-compressed, 51 minute 107 in SD was not loaded on May 7th when the HD was. Also, as you have noted, a missing SD episode does not fit the pattern; it's a flub-up...somewhere.


Comcast has been more responsive in the past.  Hopefully this can be fixed before 09/24/17 when all episodes of Shots Fired expire.  Maybe the missing episode of Swamp People will be found, as well...