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not getting many channels with Tivo Bolt cablecard (V52 error)

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not getting many channels with Tivo Bolt cablecard (V52 error)

Hi, I've been trying to solve this problem for 3+ weeks now and still no luck, hoping an expert from Comcast sees this and can help.


I've had a Tivo Bolt for about 2 years and previously used it with a cablecard with no problems at all when I lived in the SF Bay Area and had Comcast there.


I moved to Washington DC recently and setup new Comcast service here.  I picked up a cablecard at the nearby Xfinity store and called to have it paired, and I thought it worked.  But then I realized I wasn't getting a lot of my channels.


About 10 calls to Comcast and 4 or 5 technician visits to my condo have yielded almost no improvement.  They've checked my line and sometimes say things like the signal is too strong (tech put an attenuator on the line), signal is perfect, or there are some known issues with the signal coming into the building (the call center said that and said she shows by building as being in the "gray" zone, whatever that means).  


But the Comcast TV box I have here works fine, I get all my channels.  And the Tivo Bolt does get *some* channels, just not all of them.  For the ones I don't get, it says error V52, searching for signal.  I can go into Tivo diagnostics and see that channel lock is set to "no" on those channels.  There are other channels where I see a picture, but it has a alot of pixelization.  In those cases, signal strength is maybe around 50-60 (I'm told it should be more like 75+ for clear channels).  Again, if I put the Comcast box on that line, the channel comes in nice and clear.


I was starting to think that maybe the cablecard was bad when I remembered that I had an old Tivo 4 Premier in my closet, so I booted that up and put the cablecard in it, and all my channels came through nice and clear.  


So at this point I'm thinking it could be a Tivo hardware issue and I called Tivo and they said it's unlikely, it's more likely a problem with how my cablecard was paired with the specific Tivo Bolt box.  I've read other forum posts online where people said that the first level of Comcast support can pair a cablecard, but sometimes there are problems that they don't know how to resolve.  You need a higher level Comcast person to take a look at your account details and figure out what went wrong.


So, I'm hoping a senior person at Comcast sees this and can take a look at my account.  I'm hoping you find a problem with the cablecard provisioning and can fix this issue once and for all.  Please help!

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Re: not getting many channels with Tivo Bolt cablecard (V52 error)

I ave an HDHomerun Prime with a cablecard. In the Atlanta area there is a system wide problem that started on 4/9/18 that continues. Maybe you're having the same issue.

Here's the cablecard direct line...

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Re: not getting many channels with Tivo Bolt cablecard (V52 error)

My problem has been resolved.  After countless hours on the phone with Comcast and several site visits by technicians, nobody could figure it out.  It wasn't a problem with the line -- the signal was good.  It didn't seem to be a problem with the cablecard -- a tier 3 support person at Comcast confirmed that it was configured correctly.  In the end, the only other possibility was the Tivo box itself.  So I called Tivo (again) and they said they could send out a new box for me to test.  And sure enough, that worked!  I guess the tuner on my old box went bad or something.  I sure wish Tivo had a way to identify that through some kind of remote diagnostic, it would have saved a lot of people tons of time and frustration.

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