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connecting dvd and surrond sound tuner

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Does anyone have a schematic on how to connect my comcast DVR along with my VCR, dvd player, and surround sound tuner? I have tried a dozen different connections, read the darn manuals that came with the stuff, and i still cant get it all working...


thank you for any help you can give!

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I also am having trouble making the connections between my comcast receiver , my DVD. and surround sound. No matter what I do, I can't get it set up for the surround sound or the DVD. This is very disappointing, and I need some help. Please anyone, if you could help. Karyl
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I can give you a schematic if you tell exactly what Make and Model your components are.  That includes the DVR, DVD Player, VCR and A/V Receiver (Surround sound Tuner)
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I would appreciate that - it would make chistmas with my 10 year old niece staying with me for 10 days sooooo much better!


Here is what i have


DVD- Pioneer DVC503

VCR - GE - just a basic model

Tuner - Yamaha HTR5440

cable DVR - Motorola DCT412 III



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That is a pretty important component...it is a phillips magnavox TP3284C1 - a basic old style tv


And i found the vcr model number - it is a GE - model vg4270


thank you!

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Oh wow, that makes it alot more difficult I assumed you had a HDTV with multiple inputs, why do you have a HD DVR and an analog TV, your TV only supports analog but I'll try anyway...
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thank you ! i know it is possible as it was all hooked up before we moved....but i didn't do it.
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1 possible wiring combination assuming you do not record with your VCR anymore since you have a DVR and that you want to run all sound through the Surround Sound System and with the best quality.  Since you are limited to a small amount of TV inputs, this is the best way to do it as far as I can tell.

DVD Player – Connect the Pioneer DVD Player to the Yamaha Receiver using a Optical Cable also know as Light Pipe or TOSLink.  Connect one end to the port labeled DVD on the receiver and the other end to the port labeled Opt on the DVD Player.

Connect the DVD player to your TV using a S-Video Cable, connect the S Video Cable to the port labeled S-Video Out on the DVD player then to the port labeled S-Video above IN-1 on the back of the TV.

 VCR – Connect the VCR to your receiver using composite or RCA wires, locate audio out and connect the red and white wires to the VCR’s red and white audio out ports, then connect those wires to the (red = right) (white = left) ports labeled IN on the Audio Signal - VCR 1 section of the receiver. (Bottom ports)

Connect the VCR to the TV using Composite RCA (yellow) cord, connect to yellow Video Out on VCR then to the Yellow Video in above IN-2 on the back of the TV.

DVR – Using an Optical Cable connect the cable to the port labeled OPTICAL SPDIF on the DVR then connect the other end of the optical cable to the port labeled D-TV/CBL on the receiver.

Connect the DVR to your TV using a regular COAX cable. That should explain itself.

That should be it, I you like PM me or email me and I can email a “drawing” to you.

Remember to switch the Input on the Receiver to what source you are watching by pressing tuner then the appropriate labeled number on the Yamaha Remote.

There are other ways to hook them up as well.

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thank you! we'll be embarking on this project in a few days! hopefully you have saved us from marriage counseling!
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No Problem, if you have to get the Optical Audio Cable, I recommend monoprice.com, but either way don't spend more than 10 dollars for the cable (should be cheaper), DO NOT buy Monster Cable or the like and THX Certification is NOT necessary. 




here's a good start pick your length (product 1447 or 1419 is just fine)


Also if you PM me I can always send a "drawing" to you.


Happy Holidays