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XR2 remote problems

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XR2 remote problems

My mother just moved into a fabulous Assisted Living facility that uses Comcast/Xfinity for residents' rooms.  We got two XiD-P cable boxes and XR2 remotes for mom's (older) Samsung and Philips TVs.  After some initial problems related to the boxes not being correctly registered to the facility's account, I followed the instructions on the Xfinity Web site in an attempt to pair the remotes to the TVs (one each) so that the XR2s could be used for power, volume, channel change, etc.  Long story short, after trying a few of the recommended codes for each TV, the remotes would go into a lock, with a solid red All Power button illuminated.  Resetting to factory defaults using the "Setup - 9 - 8 - 1" procedure and trying again produced identical result -- this is on both TVs, from different manufacturers.  After several factory resets, the remotes now won't even control the XiD-P boxes they came with -- we can't even change the channel on either TV.  Have also tried re-booting th cable boxes, which has no effect on the problem.  I've read various posts online suggesting a hardware or software problem with these remotes, but REALLY need to fix the problem.  I fear (based on what I've read) that turning in the remotes for new ones of the same type won't fix the problem.  Any advice?  My poor 85-year-old mom literally has one undesired channel on each TV.  Help!

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Re: XR2 remote problems

I am having the exact same issue with my in-laws Envision TV with the XR2 remote control having the All Power button solid red. No other buttons will work when the button is solid red. Works fine until the volume up is hit 3 times then lock. The older generation needs one remote to work reliably. Help2.
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