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X1 problems

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I just got mine 9 days ago and have yet been able to get thru more than an hour without it freezing or not coming on at all. I have had a tech out again and am scheduled to get replacement boxes. This is crazy, you are all right it is a piece of garbage!!! I do like it when it works but, who wants to reboot their box every hour, get interrupted recordings or nothing at all. I'm sure you all have a high bill every month shouldn't we get what we pay for? Also what I really don't understand is why comcast is so far behind other companies. So many are wireless, can record more and without all these problems. I really think that they should catch up with everyone else seeing they are such a big conglomerate. Personally if I had a choice other than a satellite network I would switch but until there are other options I either deal with it or get as basic as possible just to take a bit out of their pockets. Sorry got off track there for a second. I'm hoping that the exchange of boxes will end my problems. Good luck with yours.

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When they setup the x1 they really need to replace all of the cable line in the home typically especially if it is over 10 years old.  RG59 will not Work.  Needs to be RG60.  They replaced all lines in my home with a hub and also the line from the tap to the home and it works great.  Internet speed went way up as well.