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X1 DVR issues

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After 2 weeks--I have too many issues with the X1 DVR to go into.  I've tried looking at the forum but I think it would take me a life time to find all the issues I have.  My installer left me his phone number because, he said, if I call, no one on the support line has enough experience with X1 to answer any questions.  I don't want to make another appointment with him.  Is there someone I can email with my issues and not have to wade through the forum?


I must admit, I am very unhappy but reluctant to give up.  The one thing that would make me leave Comcast is the inability to extend time on recordings for sporting events.  The paltry couple of minutes you can extend a recording, if you can get the DVR to record at all, is totally inexcusable for sports.  On the pre- X1 Motorola DVRs offered in the Bay Area, when setting up a recording of any sporting event,  the DVR to ask if you want to extend and you could extend for up to 2 hours.  Being a hockey fan, I used that 2 hour extension more times than I can care to mention....and even then there were sudden death over-times during playoffs when the program got cut off when the game was still going. 


I want to get this resolved prior to the 2014 hockey season starting or I will either drop Comcast altogether and go to DirecTV and AT&T for phones and internet or, keep Comcast and go back to the old, bad Motorola DVRs.  At least they are the devil I know and can work around their many limitations.  I guess my last shot would be keeping Comcast TV but installing Tivo DVRs.


The only reason I migrated to Comcast in the first place was because I moved into a complex which signed a 15 year contract with Comcast and the cost of basic cable and HBO is included in my monthly assessment.  It made financial sense to sign up for Triple Cast and learn to deal with Comcast TV.  However, I had been a  DirecTV customer for over 11 years and Comcast has never lived up to what DirecTV had been able to offer and this foray into X1 DVRs will not burnish Comcast's bad reputation any.  It is definitely not ready for prime time.  Probably the only Comcast function I would keep is the Internet.