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What is a "Smart TV" ??

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What is a "Smart TV" ??

Not sure where this goes, but...


I don't know what a "Smart TV" is (my understanding is that through a Smart TV, I would be able to access the Internet on my TV).  I see them more and more and I really need a new TV and I think I want to purchase a Smart TV. 


Question:  If I have a smart TV in my family room...and my Comcast Modem thingie (for my home computer network) is in one of the back rooms...can I access the Internet from my family room by using a remote control or other device that comes with the TV?


Would I need to pay another fee to Comcast?????  I already pay almost $200 a month now...jeeez.


I'm really not a techno marvel so I don't know the ways of the world in regard to these things and any help would be appreciated.

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Re: What is a "Smart TV" ??

Also, I see some comments on TVs that say things like "...this is a display, not a TV..." and this is a bit confusing.


Aren't all TVs displays?  And if so (or if not) will a "display" still work with my Comcast HD TV Cable Box ??


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Re: What is a "Smart TV" ??

A "Smart tv" has a computer, and Wi-Fi, or Ethernet cable, to connect to your WiFi router for Internet connection. The higher level tv's on any brand with work better. They, come with apps like You Tube, Netflix, etc., to connect directly to high speed broadband for streaming video. Generally; it is better to have the box in the same room as the tv.


The Comcast X1 cable-boxes will get someone with a regular HD or SD tv on to the Internet with streaming video. In this case your tv is the "monitor" for video and audio, and the cable-box handles the different channels or programing..

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