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Unable to record using my DVD/DVR

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Unable to record using my DVD/DVR

I have a DCH70 cable box, a Panasonic TV and  Toshiba DVD/VCR player. I can watch TV straight, and I can watch DVDs and tapes, but I cannot seem to record anything from the TV. I suspect my wiring hookup is faulty. What am I doing wrong?


1. Cable antenna runs to the cable box antenna in.

2. Coaxial cable runs from Cable box (RF out) to TV (antenna in)

3. The red/yellow/white RCA cables run from cable box (out) to the DVD player (Audio/Visual in)

4. Another set of red/yellow/white RCA cables run from DVD player(Audio/Visual out) to the TV (Video in).


(Note: the cable box manual seems to suggest that my step 2 is wrong, and the coaxial cable should run from the cable box to the DVD player. However, the DVD player does not have a coaxial cable input option).


This is only one of several different combinations I have tried, but it is the one that makes the most sense. Yet when I try to record something, I get nothing but black screen and no noise (no even static) when I play it back.




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