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SOMETIMES, dvr is NOT RECORDING tv shows that are scheduled

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DVR  IS SOMETIMES NOT RECORDING  tv shows, which are scheduled to record, and appear in the upcoming scheduled recordings list.  I notice that this is happening with the series recordings list.

Last Thursday, it did not record the fox news at 10 pm, on Sunday, it did not record two bravo shows which were scheduled.

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This is an on going problem with what I believe is a recent software upgrade to the boxes that has to do with the TV Guide menu and more, Comcast may or may not be actively working to correct this  ( unplugging your DVR or have a reset singnal  will NOT help)  I am still having problems like so many as of today  June 11, 2013.  Here is a post I posted a few weeks ago.


I have a similar issue that Comcast should address at the management level.  I have a Mortorola box  ( Standard Definition) and I still use a VCR  There is a feature on my box similar to how you schedule recording to record a series with your DVR,  my feature is called  "Record To VCR" and you place a "red dot" on the TV Guide menu of the program you want to record.  I too have been having major problems with my daily recording and have contacted Comcast but they say  they will send a refresh signal to reset the box  ( does not help) or go and trade the box for another ( I did and it still presents the same problems).  It is a software issue that Comcast technicians need to look into  I have noticed that with this software upgrade when I enter a channel number it will show that number and name of the network in a black box  at the top of the screen   ( example   39- ESPN)  this was never the case a month ago before the upgrade and  I sware has something to do with this problem we are having but again Comcast does not admit it and uses the usual speech of    a reset signal or trade in for another box  hopefully they will get the message that there is a problem and fix it ( Since they do not read our posts ) it is best to email the corporate office at    we_can_help@cable.comcast.com  give them your Name, address phone number and your problem  again if enough report this issue hopefully they will fix it    


Good luck gro8695 stay in  touch if interested would like to know your outcome.



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Thank you for your insight!  Just as recent as a minute ago,  I just checked the dvr & it was not recording 20//20 on abc as it is a scheduled recording and after trying to record it 5 times, it is now recording , losing the 1st 3 minutes of the program.



on Sunday, I was unable to access anything on the dvr after midnight, fed up & disgusted w/ this I contacted the 1 800 customer service phone #, a very inexperienced and unprofessional representative could not find my account for like 5 minutes, then told me to unplug the cable box from the wall and I told her that I could not manage to get behind the tv to do this and asked if there were any other things that I could try?  She said no (I felt like saying what about doing a device restart  using the remote control, to access the cable box's menu, but I didn't say anything b/c I thought she knew more than I)

I was then told that she would request a technician to contact me.


Well on Monday morning, the dvr was working fine again.  And today, FOUR WHOLE DAYS LATER,  a technician calls & leaves a message on the answering machine LEAVING A PHONE # TO  reach him only till 4 pm and says that they did something on their end to fix my problem.

 Now, to the TOTALLY REPREHENSIBLE, UNACCEPTABLE AND COMPLETELY HORRIBLE PART:  I turn on the box, go to the dvr today, at around 2:30 pm, and over 20% of my dvr recordings are TOTALLY GONE, VANISHED, NO LONGER THERE!

I looked into the dvr menu, where, it shows you the programs from  the dvr, which, were deleted, and it shows only two programs which, I deleted, personally, myself , last night.

I have absolutely no clue as to what happened and how the comcast people, who are reportedly, helping me w/ the dvr problem, then managed  to erase a big chunk of my dvr's recordings, as a result or co existing factor of this help.    I ALWAYS  set up all my scheduled recordings to delete only when I delete them and not when space is needed on the dvr, so I do not believe this to be the isue.  My dvr was not more than 75% full, so it had plenty of room on it.

I can not believe this has happened to me!   I lost everything that I recorded from 6/9 and on!

I am very very upset w/Comcast!    I am now looking into buying a tivo!

Sorry to go on and on to you!   Thank you!