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Receivers Go Off

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chat id: a085e995-44fc-41b3-9ae8-7f5d647b90f7
Problem: receivers went off earlier & after I had to turn them back on,
several hours ahead everything says "To Be Announce" I'm so tired of
this happening.
Desiree > Hello EDWARD, Thank you for contacting Comcast Live Chat
Support. My name is Desiree. Please give me one moment to review your
EDWARD > My Issue: receivers went off earlier & after I had to turn them
back on, several hours ahead everything says "To Be Announce" I'm so
tired of this happening.
Desiree > It is a pleasure to have you on chat! First of all, I
apologize for whatever inconvenience the issue has caused you but I'll
be more than happy to resolve it for you. I hope you haven't waited so
long to be assisted. How are you doing?
EDWARD > Would be better if cable receivers would stop going off
Desiree > I am sorry to hear that you are having issues with your Cable
Desiree > Thank you for bringing this to our attention
Desiree > I understand the trouble that this has caused you and I want
you to know how sorry I am for the inconvenience. As your service
representative today, I want you to know that your satisfaction is of my
topmost priority and I assure you that we can resolve this issue
together on this chat.
Desiree > Please give me a moment or two while I pull up your account.
EDWARD > I doubt it is on my end since it happened to both DVR & the HD
Receivers togerther
Desiree > Thank you for patiently waiting
Desiree > Since 2 receivers are having the same issues, would you like
to go ahead and schedule an appointment for repair?
EDWARD > There was a tech here last week fixing an issue with a modem
that he easily fixed. When the DVR Receiver goes off, the TV plugged
into it goes off too
Desiree > If that is the case, the issue could be the power strip.
EDWARD > I bet, you haven't got an email that techs are working in
outdoor equipment. It's happened before
Desiree > It is normal to see "To be announced" if the Cable box loses
EDWARD > TV is plugged into the back of the Receiver AC
Desiree > When the TV loses power, we can consider that the issue could
be the power strip because if it just the box, the TV should stay on
when the box reset by itself
EDWARD > The receivers, DVR on one tv & HD one is on HD TV which is also
my pc monitor
EDWARD > The DVR or HD receiver just went off. The electricity DID NOT
go off
Desiree > Alright, what I can do now is to send a refresh hit to your
Cable boxes to make sure that the signal is good. But the issue here is
the power on the receivers. We have the option to replace them at the
service center, we can also send a technician to personally check on the
Desiree > Which do you prefer?
EDWARD > Neither came back on until I turned them back on.
Desiree > I understand
EDWARD > I'm not going to rearrange my life to wait around on a tech. I
so wish I could have Dish here but, that is impossible
Desiree > Alright, I understand. Refresh signal sent to your Cable
boxes, just give it few minutes for the Guide to load
Desiree > Do you have any other concerns for me today? I will be glad to
further assist you.
EDWARD > I got a better idea. Print the transcript of this & send it to
Comcast Corp. Office in PA
Desiree > Alright, I will make sure your feedback/issues is being
Desiree > Account has been noted properly regarding these issues
Desiree > Would there be anything else I can assist you with today?
EDWARD > I'm so tired of Comcast treating customers like victims because
we don't have a choice for TV.

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its very difficult to read through the chat transcript.  Can you please post what exactly your problem is?  from what I can gather your cable box is turning itself off?  What box do you have?  make model?