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On demand on Tivo's

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Saw this, www.comcast.com/tivo  where it says on demand works with Tivo's, so I dumped ATT Uverse and bought 3 brand new tivo's.  Premere XL.   Updated everything, paired cable cards but On Demand does not work.   I'm in the Chicago market, Homewood head end.  The website clearly says that on demand works with TIVO's and doesnt say that there is any limitaitons, but the Xfinity app doesnt appear at all in my Tivo. All of my connections are correct and I can see programming.    Did coustomer chat and it was useless, see transcript.   I was actually frusturated cause coustmer chat did not know anything and was having me do useless steps and even said at one point that premeirs dont do on demand.   Completely useless.  Just want to get ondemand working so I can order PPV events and watch movies. 


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analyst Dominic has entered room

Dominic: Hello Robert, Thank you for contacting Comcast Live Chat Support. My name is Dominic. Please give me one moment to review your information.

Robert: My Issue: Saw this on your website, http://www.comcast.com/tivo that On demand was avaliable for my brand new Tivo's. Went and bought three of them, hooked them up. Got them up and running with cable cards, but I cant access on demand.

Dominic: It's a pleasure having you on chat.

Robert: Anyhow, there is no on demand app nor can I access the channels.

Robert: I have the newest TIVO's

Dominic: I understand that you are having issues with your Tivo service.

Robert: Yes I am missing the on demand part

Robert: I think it needs to be setup

Dominic: May I know when did the problem occur?

Robert: I never had it, was freshly activated yesterday. I saw on your website that TIVO's could take ondemand and purchased 3 tivo units.

Dominic: Thank you for that information.

Dominic: Would you mind waiting for 2 minutes while I research some information in my system in order to better serve you?

Dominic: While waiting, please allow me to take this opportunity to share with you one of the main features that you can get with Comcast. Did you know you can watch many of your favorite TV shows and movies online at no additional cost with Comcast? Check out www.xfinitytv.com to watch the latest TV shows, relive a favorite television moment, or just relax with a movie.

Dominic: Thank you for waiting Robert.

Robert: k

Dominic: For setting up and activation your card you can visit the following website: http://www.tivo.com/setupandsupport/cablecard-wizard/index.html

Robert: You idi*t.. The cable card allready has been setup

Robert: Im missing the on demand services that are clearly listed as being available here, http://www.comcast.com/tivo

Robert: I can see cable programming

Robert: On my Tivo's. I can not see On Demand stuff

Robert: You id**t, I allready told you. I was freshly installed. I have never had it!

Dominic: I understand Robert.

Dominic: Keeping our dialogue professional and courteous will allow me to better serve you.

Dominic: May I have the serial number of the affected box, please? Serial numbers can be found on a white sticker at the back/bottom of the device and usually starts with M, P, G, T, S, C followed by a series of numbers and letters.

Robert: All three of my activated devices are TIVO's. They all don't have it, they are up to date with the latest software and they are brand new tivo premiers.

Robert: *******************

Robert: *******************

Robert: ******************

Dominic: Thankyou.

Dominic: For account security, can you please verify the last four digits of your SSN?

Robert: ****

Dominic: Thank you.

Dominic: May I know what error message are you getting on your TV screen?

Robert: no error message.. The app isnt showing up and when I tune to an on demand channel it says it says there is a problem with the signal on this channel. It does this on all of the on demand channels.

Dominic: Thank you.

Dominic: Before I send signal to the cable box, can you please check double check all cable wirings? Please hand-tighten them to secure connection specially the connection from the cable wall outlet to the back of the cable box.

Robert: Everything is connected fine... There is nothing wrong with the connections as I can see normal cable programming.

Dominic: Thank you for checking. I will now send refresh signal to the cable box. May I have a minute or two please?

Dominic: Thank you for waiting. I just sent signal to the box. Can you please check if all your channels are now working?

Robert: all of my channels, have allways worked, the on demand features dont.. You really dont know what your doing.

Robert: Still no xfinity app on my tivo.

Robert: for on demand

Robert: Your wasting my time

Dominic: I understand Robert.

Robert: No you dont.

Robert: If you understood you would have had the issue fixed allready

Dominic: Upon checking our system, it appears that Tivo boxes is not compatible with XFINITY app. We only certain type of boxes that is compatible with XFINITY App,but not Tivo.

Robert: Really, according to here, it is. www.comcast.com/tivo

Robert: It plainly says clear as day that you can do ondemad with tivo's

Robert: You need some training as you really dont know how to do your job

Dominic: Yes Robert, On Demand is accesible on Tivo. But again for certain Tivo boxes only, and Tivo Premier is onof those that are not compatible with On Demand.

Robert: Bull s**t

Robert: Tivo premere is the only box that is capable.

Robert: According to Tivo's and comcasts website

Dominic: I understand you are frustrated, however I need to ask you to please refrain from using abusive language so that I may continue assisting you.

Robert: This box is brand new and can do Tivo. Rest assured.

Robert: Well stop offering useless solutions and talking out of your as*. Do some research and learn your job.

Robert: Your telling me that the unit your website says is capable isnt capable. I call bs

Robert: You need to read the website where in big bright bold red letters where it clearly states XFINITY® On Demand is now available on Tivo® Premiere DVRs

Robert: Or can you not read english

Robert: Your no help.

Dominic: I understand that Robert.

Robert: I am rating you at a zero

Robert: You havent been able to do anything constructive to solve my issue, other than wasting my time.

Dominic: I understand that Robert.


So here I am, with 3 tivo's that dont do ondemand like how the website says they can.  I am in the 3rd largest DMA and your telling me that you cant do on demand via TIVO?   I think that's horrible service and the first place to get it would be a market as large as Chicago.   After all we are all digital with no analogs. 

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The On Demand on Tivo is just starting out being deployed.  As with most new features rolled out by Comcast it is deployed to different area's at different times.   Right now it's only in San Francisco & Boston but will be deployed to more areas "eventually" since there has been no public deployment schedule.  Size does not matter on rollouts.


Thanks to my partner on the forum, WarEagle57 he has shared the latest link from Tivo on the On Demand status HERE, since he does have a new Tivo Premier.


The Xfinity web & mobile app only works with Comcast boxes, Tivo has their own mobile app along with web programming access.



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Your TiVos are fine.  The rep needed to tell you that On Demand is not yet available in Chicago.  It's here in Boston which includes southern NH.  Just ordered mine.  Upgrading from my over 10 year old TiVo 2. 

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Well that is dissapointing.   I was looking forward to getting on demand with my Tivo's.   Hopefully it will be much sooner than later!

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I had the same issue where I was sure it was available in my area, but the xfinity app did not show up.  I went into the comcast store and the rep, who was awesome, said that I didn't have the proper 'coding.'  I can only imagine this means that comcast didn't know I had a TiVo Premier.  He tapped on the keyboard for about 5 minutes and by the time I got home, I had the Xfinity app on my TiVo.

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