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Not getting some channels

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Got 4 TV's in the house.  One has an Xfinity DVR box, one has an RPG 150N, and the other two just have the little digital boxes.  Had a technician out here the other day because I was always losing my internet and TV service in the evenings.


He checked the signal to the house, said it was good but that the way the previous technician had wired the 4 TV boxes wrong so that the signal was weak to the individual TV's.  He said in the evening when everyone starts using the internet and TV, the signal strength drops and that was what was causing my service to go out.


He did a bunch of rewiring and added some kind of signal booster.  Everything seemed to be fine until a couple of nights later when I tried to watch something on channel 274.  Can't get that channel anymore.  It gives an error message of S0a00 and says on the screen that the channel should be back in a few minutes.  Nope!  Also not getting channel 319 with the same error message and (I think), a few other channels I should be getting but aren't.  This is only on the RPG 150N box.  The others work, except for the little digital boxes that for some totally bogus sounding reason don't get all the channels I'm paying for!  


Called customer service.  After thanking me about a hundred times for giving them the opportunity to fix my service and thanking me for my information which they already have on the screen in front of them, she sends a signal to my box that is supposed to fix the problem.  Box goes off and on a few times and she says wait 2 hours and it should be good.  


Two hours later, no improvement.  Go on-line and through the self-service trouble shooting guide, I have it send another signal.  Still same problem after an hour.


I'm getting awfully tired of spending a couple of hundred dollars a month for service that goes out because they are to cheap to put in enough nodes, or whatever they call them, to service all the people trying to use the service at the same time.


I don't want to have to lug the equipment over to the Xfinity store and stand and wait for 2 or 3 hours, (stand because they don't have enough chairs for the mob of people in there every day), while they try and tell me that nothing is wrong.


I'm looking at other options and it won't take much more before I call them up and tell Comcast ot come and get everything because their service isn't worth what they want me to pay!

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Unfortunately you still have signal related issues...

The signals might be be ok when the techs are there but they haven't fixed the cause of problem.

This problem may or may not be within your house. It could be blocks down the street. When this happened to me roughly 10 years ago, Comcast had to send out a "line crew". They are responsible for the lines and network leading up to the box in your yard.