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No channel guide for Tv's on DTA's?????

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We have two TV's attached to DTA's, not High Def cable boxes.  The channel guide that used to be available - up to December 1st or so - was almost completely useless.  Most of the screen was given up to the worst sort of dreck - infomercials, "American Idol" features, etc - so the "channel guide" consisted of 2 or 3 lines at the bottom of the screen with truncated program names that took 5 minutes or so to scroll from start to finish.  And, the "guide" didn't even list all the channels we received!


So, I was really happy when we started to see notices on the channel guide station that the channel guide was going to "full screen."  I had visions of a full screen of channel guide information that might be big enough to allow for complete program names and that could display from start to finish in just a minute or so!  Be still my beating heart!


Well, instead, the "full screen" is now dedicated completely to the dreck.  As far as I can tell there's no "channel guide" anymore in the mundane sense of allowing a viewer to know "what's on."


Am I missing something here?



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I think Comcast is doing everything they can to move everybody to full cable boxes, and the rental income they get from that. The guide info is inserted locally and overlaid on the national TVGuide video feed. It sounds like they are deliberately dropping the guide in your area based on the warnings you received.


I still have the guide by me, but haven't watched it long enough to see if there are warning messages on it, yet.

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I am having the same issue and have been told that my two TVs hooked up to DTAs will no longer have channel guides available, unless i upgrade each TV to full cable boxes at a cost of $8 per month per TV.


This is ridiculous that I pay for cable TV but apparently have no way to know what is playing unless I run downstairs to the family room to see what is on.  Or pay another $16 per month, plus I'm sure more add-on and hidden fees.  Just to get a channel guide.


This is a huge take-away in service.


Not cool.  Not acceptable. And such poor customer service when I called in about the issue - Comcast will now probably lose a customer.

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You have got the plan, NicoleI put in the two DTAs for my 2 TVs that were connected directly to the coaxial cable. Here is what happened:


1. I lost all HD channels - maybe 30 of them.

2. I was told that I had to rent set top boxes ($10 per month here).

3. I finally found a supposed way to still get HD channels by obtaining a "free" A/B switch.

4. Turns out the A/B switch just changes your DTA feed to your aerial feed to get HD, What a pain because you have to change remotes, switch the darn thing every time you want to go from HD to see ESPN. The come on for the DTA said "get more HD channels" which is why I did it.

5. With DTA, channel changing is now delayed 1 second - voice comes first and then picture. Not good for going back and forth between games.

6. You have to use the 1960s Comcast remote with the DTA. That means you cannot subtract channels of set up favortes. So you are stuck seeing all of the 5-6 shopping channels


Conclusion: although an exceptionally helpful tech helped me out from this forum, this change to DTA is a complete degradation of service that only can be remedied by paying $10 more per month to Comcast so the top officers can add to their $11 million salaries and billions in stock options. It is a rip-off and why I am switching to FIOS where I will save $1,000 over the next 2 years and hopefully not get mickey-moused into paying more fees.

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What's FIOS??  I'm desperate for something else.  I love the On Demand concept but, sadly, the service is far from it.  And the loss of a guide on the DTA's, totally unacceptable.

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Skrooks is talking about Verizon.

But in genral FIOS is short for Fiber Optic System, just the method that the signals are carried. The signals are carried by pulses of laser light over thin glass cables instead of a electrical signal over copper cable.



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once you go fios you'd never want to go back. The only reason I did is I moved to an area that doesn't have fios yet but it was much better all around. For now though where I live I have the digital cable box in the living room and since we never use the tv i the bedroom anyway other than maybe twice a year, I got a dta for it.