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No Sound on DVR Box

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First there was no picture or sound. Rep had us tell them what the model number was on main living room box (DVR unit). They remotely did some things as we could see they where doing something. System was restored in 20 mins as they said it would. Picture and guide was now on the screen. Now there was no sound. I check the other two units in the bedrooms; they have sound and picture and I can change channels...no issues there. I call back and tell them no sound on main unit in living room. They say input channel 993. Inputing channel 993 takes me to channel 994. I can not get out of channel 994 now. I think that I will use the guide to jump up to channel 993 instead of the manual imput of 994. Channel 993 does not exist in the onscreen guide. I have everything running through my ONYX receiver surround sound. I disregard the receiver to see if the crappy Samsung speakers on the T.V. will output the sound...no sound. Since I still have Direct T.V. NFL package also in the living room that comes through on its own dedicated cable line to the living room, I use the source on the surround sound system to eliminate the thought " maybe its the ONYX system". The sound comes in loud and clear from Direct T.V. So I think hmmmmmmm....lets reboot everything. I turn off everything and wait about 5 mins and turn everything back on. Still no sound coming from Comcast DVR unit. I recheck the Direct T.V. ...sound load and booming....Bears are winning. Comcast is going to send a tech out today. All cables are brand new with no kinks and they even installed a new underground RG6 cable from their unit on my front lawn to my house. This is a new install...put in this past Sunday. Worked good until yesterday. Any thoughts before the techs get here. Video and audio are being used by HDMI cable from comcast box to receiver. HDMI cable being used from ONYX receiver to HDMI input on T.V.

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try running a cable from the box to the tv bypassing the receiver.  A lot of people have issues running the box through the receiver.  I know its nice to have everything go into one and then only have one output.  give that a try.  If that works you can keep it that way and go optical audio to the receiver. 

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I will try that when I get home. Service tech is also coming out to troubleshoot this evening. But before he gets his hands on it I will try your solution first and see it solves the issue. If it does I will put it back the way it is now to see what the tech comes up with. Problem is it was working fine on install utilizing the throughput on the surroundsound receiver then it never came up after the hardboot by remote from comcast. Nevertheless I will post the final outcome for others who may run into the same.

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ah I didnt see that part, comcast probably reset the box.  You probably need to go into your box settings and enable the audio through hdmi.  Most boxes  you can do that by turning the box off and pressing menu on the remote. 

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First let me say something about how the customer service worked yesterday and I do hope that someone that is above your average telephone jockey is reading this and has some interest in the company because if I was King for the day I would throw out the trash I call my customer service. Service Tech was slotted to appear at my home between 4 and 6 p.m. to fix the no sound thing after the new install. Service Tech was sent because the broken American English speaking tech on the phone could not fix it a couple days ago. Fine. Before 4 pm one lovely lady (my wife) called to confirm such appointment and verify contact numbers because according to the person on comcast the worker will notify us 30mins before his/her arrival to our home. The Time reached 6:10 p.m. so my wife calls and spoke with comcast. Before I tell the rest of the story let me explain what new install I got this past Sunday from comcast. Internet Service / Cable T.V. / New home Phone service and new number. Back to the story. Comcast tells my wife that the service tech called the house but the number was unlisted. My wife ask what number did he call. She read back the number that comcast replaced when we signed up with them on Sunday. My wife ask what package did we sign up for and yes comcast confirmed the triple play package so my wife says why in the heck would you call the old number that you replaced when we talk to you..you confirm us on the phone with the new number assigned to our home. So I remembered what rog286713 and went into settings and found the area to adjust and tweek the audio and BAMMMMM the sound came through my ONYX speakers. Why in the heck didnt the online tech know this. Maybe it got lost in translation with the broken English or the long distance where ever the phone call was coming from but I can assure it was not someone with a vested interest in the company they work for. That is why I am no longer surprise when I first signed up on this forum and saw over 51,000,000 entries. Because its men like rog286713 that gives real solutions to problems that I did not get from COMCAST