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Manual for the XGP-1 / PX001ANM HD-DVR?

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Manual for the XGP-1 / PX001ANM HD-DVR?

I just got Comcast a week ago after being with a competitor for a year. I have an HD-DVR and cannot find any support information online for it. 


On the front of the box is XG1-P, but apparently that's not the model number. Huh. Looks like it's really a Pace PX001ANM. I find nothing about it on Comcast's page of Cable Box User Manuals. In fact, if I Google for "XG1-P" or "PX001ANM" I get almost no useful results at all. 


Does Comcast have any information about this piece of hardware anywhere?


Re: Manual for the XGP-1 / PX001ANM HD-DVR?

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Re: Manual for the XGP-1 / PX001ANM HD-DVR?

that is most likely the x1 box, there is limited info on it, what your looking for is info about the software that runs the box, the comcast interface not the box.


here is the x1 website and from here you can download an overview manual its not much but its all there is.  If you have specific questions you can try posting them here.  comcast is suppose to be making a seperate thread for the x1 as people are strarting to get it now, but its still in its infancy and being tested.



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Re: Manual for the XGP-1 / PX001ANM HD-DVR?

Thanks. Didn't realize that the XGP-1 / PX001ANM is *the* X1 box. I'd already read through the paper version of the PDF / page you both linked to. I was hoping for something more detailed, though I'm not quite sure what else it would cover. 


Didn't realize I was on the cutting, and barely supported, edge of the Comcast experience. 

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Re: Manual for the XGP-1 / PX001ANM HD-DVR?

Actually, what I'd like to see in a manual (in case you're reading this, Comcast) is information about:

  • the two unlabeled buttons on the front of the box
  • how to use the HDMI inputs on the back of the box
  • how to use the USB and eSATA ports
  • whether or not an IR extender will work
  • HD DVR capacity (in hours)
  • etc.
  • etc.
  • etc. 

So yeah, the current manual may be OK for the very basics, but it's pretty weak overall. 

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Re: Manual for the XGP-1 / PX001ANM HD-DVR?

hi. from what i understand, only the HDMI that is labeled "hd to tv" is active. the other two will eventually allow you to hook other HDMI devices into you cable box, in case your tv doesn't have additional HDMI connections.

the hard drive is a 500gb. a lot of help videos are available on "on-demand" or http://xfinity.comcast.net/x1/

USB and eSATA ports are not active. Hopefully the eSATA will be turned on soon, as Comcast did on alot of their other DVR's. this is from their web site "Store up to 300 hours of Standard Definition programming or 60 hours of High Definition programming."

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