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Local channel not available on TV connected to digital converter box

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Local channels stopped working on the TV connected to a digital converter box...Other channels have moved to new locations.   My main TV is connected to a digital cable box (with DVR)  and those channels are working normally with no changes.



Thanks for any help...




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Could you clarify? Do you mean one TV is using a DTA (the tiny little boxes with no guide or menus)? If so, either the signal is too weak to it, or something changed. Have you try power-cycling it (unplug from power for a few seconds.) Does it give any error messages?

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Correct the TV that is using a DTA (No Menu or Guide)  is not showing local channels.  And the other stations are different than the TV connected to the Digital receiver (with DVR).  It is like the configuration for the DTA is trying to receive stations from another location.


I have tried a power off/ on cycle., but behavior persists.





Channel                            Digital Receiver                         DTA


      7                                   WMBD  (Good)                     KHQA  (No Reception)

      10                                  WEEK  (Good)                     WGEM (No Reception)

      30                                  ESPN  (Good)                      VH1  (Good Recption)

      29                                  HLN  (Good)                         ESPN (Good Recption)


The local channels seem to have been converted to try to receive from Quincy IL on the DTN box whereas the normal local stations received with the digital receiver are from Peoria IL.  I am in Normal IL and should be receiving stations from Peoria IL...  I hope this clarifies the situation.


Thanks for your assistance

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I found the instructions for setup of the DTA unit from when I originally received them.   I executed the setup process for these units by logging into comcast.com/ digitalnow then requested the DTA units to be setup as if they were new.   This has seemed to resolve the issue now the channel have returned to their original assignments.



Thanks again for your assistance.

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It's possible they were somehow configured for another area and didn't have the proper channel map for you.