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How to connect TV, RNG110 cable box, combo VCR/DVD player, and Playstation 3

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I am trying to figure out how to connect these four pieces of equipment.


First, there is the cable box from Comcast.  It is the RNG110 model, and I subscribe to the HD service.


I have a Panasonic flat-screen TV mounted on the wall, and it connects to the RNG110 cable box via an HDMI cable that I have fed from the TV, through the wall, and down to the cable box on the entertainment stand.  So the TV must connect to the cable box via the existing HDMI cable, no exceptions.  Since the TV is on the wall, I cannot have any other wires connected to it since the tube running though the wall will not fit anything additional.


Next there is the combo VCR/DVD player, Toshiba SD-V296KU.  I would like to be able to use it to play tapes and also record onto tape from the TV broadcast.  I would also like to be able to play DVD's, so the quality of the connection is important.  I'm not sure if it's important, but the unit does not have an HDMI connection on the back panel.  As far as coaxial cables, it only has one that is lableled "Digital Audio Out" for the DVD only.


The Playstation 3 should be connected via an HDMI since I have noticed that it provides a much better picture than using the component cables.


I have read that I may need a receiver.  I am not sure what type should be best or what kind of connections would be required.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks!

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CAN YOU CONNECT a PS2 to the cable box? it has composite video outs?

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In looking at the specs for the Toshiba SD-V296KU, it can only record onto the VCR from it's DVD, so recording from the TV is not possible.  The Comcast box will only accept inputs from your Cable.  That basically means that you would need to set up something like an HDMI switch such that you could select which input you want to send to you TV.  I have heard of some problems with Comcast boxes communicating with TV's via HDMI when they are going thru a switch (I don't have enough knowledge in that area to really help).  My suggestion would be to contact your TV manufacturer for help on how to hook up your various media boxes..