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Help! i can't get my vcr/dvd player to work now that i have a digital adapter

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I need to know how to set up my (1) dvd recorder, (2) dvd player, and (3) vcr.   i have all three units separate and now that I was *forced* to get a digital adapter, the way my system was set up is no longer working.  The channel quality when I try to record on my dvd recorder is TERRIBLE.    When I turn the vcr one it disrupts the service and I get NO cable.


So please tell me step by step, how I plug in all my equipment with this digital adapter????? (inputs, outputs, etc)???????   Again, I have a dvd recorder, a dvd player, and a vcr.


I want my vcr to plug into my dvd recorder

I want my dvd player into my dvd recorder


I had the system set up working perfectly and of course with the digital adapter, now its not working.

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More info will get you better answers.

Mainly, what inputs are available on the TV?

What ins and outs do the DVD's and VCR have?

Are your DVD recorder and DVD player 2 different units?

Can your DVD recorder play DVD's?


Generic answer: DTA out>DVD in> DVD out > VCR in  VCR out> TV in.

Set the DTA to the channel you want. All recorders to channel 3 if using coax, Aux if composit.


Vcr's have become obsolete technology. Replace the whole mess with a DVR.

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your not going to get what you want any longer, with all that equipment there is no way to make it all work.


With the dta you now need to leave it on the channel you want to record and put the other things on channel 3 so you cant even use the vcr or dvd recorder anymore to change channels to program it. 


You will need to pick one piece of equpment that you want the tv signal to go through, It cannot go through all of them.  The reset will just be used as output devices only.  They would all need to be hooked up direct to the tv no box.  LIke barbie said time for a dvr.

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The DVD player can still be used if the OP has more than one input on their tv of course. No need for feed from the cable.

It is up to the OP and his pocket book if he wants to spring for a DVR.

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I thought I read he had three devices not the combo,  yes it can work but you will no longer be able to schedule recordings using the timer on the vcr. 

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Timed recordings can still be setup on the VCR. The time can be programmed and the channel programmed in for Channel 3.

Then the DTA needs to be tuned to the proper channel. At least the VCR will turn on at the proper time. Not the way it was originally intended but at least for one program or channel it can be done.

I imagine the OP had a splitter in the mix to feed the DVD Recorder and the VCR from the main line at one time. In theory a splitter could come off the DTA output but it would be a waste since both units would get the same channel.


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The OP described 3 separate devices , plus a DTA. Even if they get it all working, it will be a clumsy mess.