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If you do not have even the MOST BASIC understanding of Technology, do not attempt this!!!!   FOR EXAMPLE, if you don't know how to pull up a command Prompt in Windows (ESPECIALLY if you don't know what that means)

****DO TRY THIS****


(I see WAY WAY too many people having difficulty programming Comcast to be TV remote and *THAT* you have a "retry" this YOU WILL NOT).



For the tencially astute -FINALLY was told the way to program a 30-second skip for the DVR

(by default Comcast offers a *FIVE MINUTE* skip..thanks guys).

They need to keep Murdoch, et.al. happy, I "get it"


Naturally only works on programs you have recorded.(you figure out how to create a 30-sec skip for *LIVE* TV please post as you've figured out time travel

(yes, *UNFORTUNATELY* this is a question often asked/"protested" ex, does not work on my T.V trying it on "American Idol" I'm watching, want to skip, get back to the program -*ON LIVE TV" -people wondering why they can't simply "SKIP" ahead....*BIG SIGH*

*MOUTH BREATHER* further proof, for breeding standars for HUMANS proportional to IQ.


(side bar did you know CHINA has more *GENIUS I.Q." individuals -than AMERICA has citizens-Just a small slice of the China population, is smarter than every man/woman/child/"unknown" in America. I *FEAR* for our future).


ANYWAY back to my point:



*HUGE* "hassle factor* saver for those of us VERY HEAVY users of DVR.




Here goes


*FIRST* before you start to program, pick a button that you *DO NOT USE* to be the button you program as your "Skip" button. I chose to pick the blue "B" button right under "MY DVR" button. It's small (sometimes hard to find in the dark using my fingers to find) but works for me.


*ONCE AGAIN* *DO NOT* use a button you "often" use. ie. don't go trying to use a "Number" or the up/down fast forward/rewind buttons as you'll "Break" the functionaiity of that (CORRECTLY) preprogrammed  button.

*TAKE HEED* to this warning I can see it now several dozen people saying 'OOPS", I chose #3 now my #3 won't work. I cannot sress enough -*DO NOT* use a button you *ALREADY* use.


Also (reason I asked about "Technical Ability" above. Techies know (when reprogramming/changing something you do a "dry test" first -you *SHOULD* do the same with his.

By that I mean, the first time, *DO NOT* actually program Simply follow the steps,  fake touch the buttons you'd touch make sure the button you have picked to program is where you want, etc. Just good common sense "techie programming technique"


WE Kapeesh? Then and only then -start reading below.




















To Program your 30-second skip.   (Far as I know, only works with Motorola/"Silver" remotes (not sure about Cisco).

1) Press the "Cable" button at the top of the remote to put it into Cable Box control mode.
2) Press and hold the "Setup" button until the "Cable" button blinks twice.
3) Type in the code 994. The "Cable" button will blink twice
4) Press (do not hold) the "Setup" button
5) Type in the code 00173 (for 30 second skip).
6) Press whatever button you want to map the skip function to.




Last but not least learn FIRST know to properly use this function for example -if a 10-second blurb for the T.V. station comes on (ie-Thank you for watching XYZ Channel, coming up on tonights news) -(you skip it) will mess up the "timing" so when you get back to your program you'll once again have to "rewind" to where it starts. (you'll know what I mean after it's happened to you once. :-)



*NOW* Go enjoy your DVR shows as DVR was intended to be! :-)