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Got 2 new HD Set Top Boxes, Still not activated 24 hrs later

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Sending my standard def box back, sprung for two HD boxes @10bucks/month, followed activation steps, got NADA. "This explorer box NOT AUTHORIZED for use" call 800-India.  So I call the number and the very polite and well spoken guy does some "resets" remotely.  NOTHING. Has me pull plug. NOTHING. Has me wait a few hours. Left it on overnight. NOTHING


What the what!?!? 

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Sounds like somebody has the box numbers wrong.  Might want to check you account on-line and see if they have the correct numbers entered.  Pretty unlikely that two HD boxes would both be bad (but not totally unheard of).  After confirming the numbers are correct (and trying the activation yourself) call 1-800 Comcast during the day.  If things still don't work you may want to either have them roll a truck for you or try another two boxes?

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Checked the numbers, all good. Calling 800 number again with fingers crossed and breath held.

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Called robot lady, went thru process, said I was good to go and that the cable box would turn off. It's been one hour and nothing has happened.

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Third phone call, got Carlos, went thru whole process again, computer says "activated" but TV says NOT AUTHORIZED to use.  Carlos puts me on hold for 30 minutes scheduling someone to come out - at my expense I'm sure.  NO call yet to schedule tech. SEVEN DAYS later, no TV! Walkin to phone now for call #4.

Cat Mad

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Probably won't help, but you could try:

I have heard some get some results if you email here. You're not actually
getting the CEO but someone in that office.


Brian Roberts, CEO
Comcast Corporate Office
1500 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102



Also you can email the we can help team.

To get help, you can drop a note to Comcast corporate customer service (we_can_help@cable.comcast.com).

For the quickest response, please include:
Your full name;
Service address;
Phone number & an alternate number if possible;
Account number;
A link to your post.

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FOURTH phone call, ONE HOUR!


Same result, remote resets failed so attempted to schedule tech as in THIRD phone call.


Same result, phone rep unable to schedule tech, system would not allow them. Gave them my cell to call me back with service date. Six hours, nuthin!

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Hope this helps someone. It has been over a week and easily 8 hours of setup time. BTW, I'm an engineer.


This morning after wasting hours on the phone, I went on the "chat" help and "Rowena" had me activated in roughly 15 minutes.  I'm bewildered but happy to be able to watch tv although there is still no sound.