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DVR series priority tends to NOT record all the time

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I've got several shows set as Series Priority, one in particular at 2:00 and nothing else recorded at that time, ever. Well, seems lately it's not recording, and this is what it says "General Hospital Wed 07-18 at 2:00PM Not  Recorded due to a cancellation by the system"


This is totally annoying, not acceptable, especially for what we are charged every month for this crappy Comcast Service, we are on our 9th DVR box, count it, NINE!! This supposedly is the newest.


I need to know if anyone else has this issue with this crappy DVR making up it's own mind what to record & what not to??


This has been happening so much, I'm totally pushing to cancelling, saving a boat load of money, and going back to AT&T

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Try deleting GH as a series recording and then set it up again and when you check your priority list, make sure to scroll down to the bottom menu and make sure to click on the "checK' that confirms the list.

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That I've done twice already in the past, I would do it again, but seems my DVR sometime over night, had yet another "hiccup" most all channels now say "To Be Announced", and GH is not even listed in there at all along with pretty much every channel I get.

So sick of this, first phone issues, then nothing tv issues from day one, tiling of the picture, picture would freeze, now certain channels we can not pause won't let you at all, some shows that it does decide to record, when you go to play back & watch then, you can't fast forward because each time it goes back to the start of the show!

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I'm having the same issues with the guide and the TBA's and I've been complaining for months and have had 4 dvr's and 5 techs out here in 3 months and still have this issue, but I was told that the guide issue is a head end issue having to do with the software.


I would be really upset if I could not record GH cause I watch it everday.


To be hones, if I was able to get AT&T where I live, I'd be switching and ditching Comcast.

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Wow, glad to know we aren't the only who's had numerous DVR's & techs out, we've had so many techs out here I've stopped counting!


I watch GH everyday too, I have been since I was in high school, I'm 44 now, so I tend to get a little upset when it doesn't record


It's annoying as heck when you go to use the Guide, and it's "To Be Announced" drives me nuts!!


My husband just told me that we can't get U-Verse by AT&T where we live yet either, something to do with the wiring being too old. But, I agree with you if I could I would in a heartbeat drop Comcast & move on to them.

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I'm older than you, so I'd be upset too. If you still get Soapnet, try recording it on that station.
Good luck



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LOL-they took SoapNet away a few months ago and gave us some Disney channel


good luck to you as well, nice chatting with you



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to be announced is a signal issue that is probably also why your dvr recording is being cancelled by the system as the signal to record it is fluctuating, replacing the dvr box over and over as you see has not worked because that is not the issue.  You need a tech to come out and check your wiring and your signal issue, that is the only way to get it fixed.

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Well, we've had about 6-8 techs come out here to "fix" the problem, they have replaced wiring, more than once, and each tech has said our signal is excellent. Any other suggestions???


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I just read your initial post, what do you mean you have several shows set as series priority.  Your priority list starts at 1 and goes down from there, priority really means nothing unless you have two things set to record at the same time, the one that has the higher priority in the list will record and the other will get cancelled.


All I can tell  you is this, if you have your picture tiling, getting to be announced on your guide that is a signal issue.  what box do you have.  If its Sa or cisco that is one thing.  If its motorola or pace its a different thing.

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Series Priority is where you record more than one show, and you can set the DVR to record week long programs, or one time. I would think you know this by having Comcast. I only have one show recorded Mon-Fri 2-3 on Ch 7 which is General Hospital, so it makes no sense why it won't even record at all sometimes when there is nothing else in that time slot. Oh, and just so you know it's at the top of my Series Priorty it was the first program I set up in there.


And, we have a Motorolla the newest one Comcast offers.

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series priority means that, that series takes precidence over all others.  It has nothing to do with recording more than one show, trust me I know. 



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Glad that you understand what I'm talking about now. This show I have recorded takes precidence over all the other shows I have in my series priority slots, but like I've been saying it won't record all the time this past week it decided not to record 2 days. If AT&T were available here, I'd be switching back now and be done with Comcast they just completely suck. And, the more I research their issues, I'm not the only customer out there with complaints, they have thousands


All I want is for the stupid DVR box to record the show(s) that I have set up in there to record, don't just do it when it feels like it. Also, have you ever had the problem of playing back a show not being able to fast forward it without it going back to the beginning every single time? We also can't pause live tv on a few channels, it just won't do it, and oh another issue, shows I've recorded & went to watch back, gee it shows a recording of 60 min., hit play, nothing is there and the counter goes back to zero!!


Beyond fed up with Comcast & their not so bright techs that they send out here all the time....really hope & pray AT&T gets in my area soon so these Comcast people can go away