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DVR jumps way forward when fastwinding or rewinding

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DVR jumps way forward when fastwinding or rewinding

Sometimes when watching recorded programs on my DVR, the fastforward and rewind function are really jumpy and change speeds.  For example, I will push fast forward once and it will go hardly faster than regular play for a while and then all of a sudden jump ahead 5 or 10 minutes.  Similarly, when I hit the rewind 30 seconds button it often gets stuck at a certain point - meaning: I hit rewind 30 once and it will only go back 5 seconds, so I hit it again and it only goes back 1/2 a second to the exact same point, and no matter how many times I hit rewind 30 it won't rewind past a that point unless switch to using the rewind button which then will often jump back 5 mintues (like a described above).


This doesn't happen 100% of the time and but seems to happen more often than not.  This has been happening for a few years and I have tried switching out boxes once before.


Has anyone experienced this?  Did anyone find a solution?  This makes DVR pretty much useless for me.

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Re: DVR jumps way forward when fastwinding or rewinding

I otice this if I hit the button to many times.  Or pushing the button too hard.  ope this helps.

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Re: DVR jumps way forward when fastwinding or rewinding

This is a bug in how some cable boxes are handling the MPEG4 stream that Comcast is now using. It's so severely compressed that they have trouble trying to figure out the timecodes. It seems to depend on the channel. I mainly have issues with Turner network channels, plus TruTV.

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