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DVR & Cable not responding

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I read a post earlier and it had the same issues but they never stated how it was fixed.........


"Hi, hoping I can get a bit of extra help here.  I went to the Comcast service center  on 9/9 to pick up my new HD DVR box.  Before this I had a standard small digital cable box, but now have an HDTV.  Hooked the new box up, waited an hour, and got the "one moment please" message with ref code S0a00.  Called customer service and they sent reset message to the box, I left the box on for over five hours, called them back when still no picture (other than the "one moment please" message).  They had me to a power cycle, then reset the box again.  No luck.  Then was told that I'd have to keep the box on for up to 24 hours, as there was some rollout on the system that was interrupting the process with my box.  That was 12 hours ago, still nothing happening with the box.  Any suggestions?  It's a motorola box, silver, square, with black rectangular display plate - I believe it's a DCH6416. "


My box is a MotorolaDX3400M and we just called Comcast for help and they asked us to wait, we reset several times, if it does not come up they will send a tech out to fix it, but wondering if we can do anything else, or if this person can tell me how she got it corrected?


Please help, fustrated with this, been at it for hours...................the same message appears on ours as above.

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You may have a diff' problem then I did, but I got a new hd dvr (mines silver cisco rng200) but I got that message too for 24 hrs, I didnt notice the code tho'.


With me it was two things, one my area had traps on ext cable lines if youre not subscribed to ext so I only got some channels from internal switch they had to come remove filter. (this improved pic on channels I did get too).


Secondly the main problem was this: (and only certain csr reps I got when I called could tell me this they didnt all seem knowledgeable so I called back over and over till I hit a call center who could help, it worked)


(For the other issue they couldnt activate the box but it declared that on the screen, the prev issue was actually the second problem.) :


My box was listed at their end as being "not in stock" they had to go thru a 24 hour process to add the box to my acct and apparantly them trying it on phone didnt work, I finally got a rep (after multiple calls to diff' call centers at diff locales) that knew to send a request to a diff dpt to add it to my act then the next day they were able to acitivate it.


As I say you problem may be different then mine but you can ask.


Good luck, I know its very very frustrating...I do recc'd trying the calling over and over youll hit diff' call centers and get diff' responses from each you can tell which ones will got the extra mile to help.