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DTA remote

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So I hooked up the new converter boxes and programmed the remotes with the numbers that will turn the tv on/off and adjust the volume but it will not change the channel....it is stuck on CSPAN....please help me!!!!  (both remotes only work the power and volume on 2 different TV brands, sharp and sylvania) 

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Did you call comcast to activate the new boxes , when we got our self install kits there was a number in the booklet to call . And comcast walked me through setting up the remotes . Also both the TV and DTA box need to be set to the same channel either 3 or 4 . On the back of the DTA there is a selector switch to choose either 3 or 4 .

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your also going to find that for sylvania you need to press the channel up and then power button to turn on and off.  sylvania does not realse current codes .

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Comcast service reps have been out they tried to program my remotes to work and they can't on any of my 6 Sylvania TVs. They told me to call to have them send out a replacement remote. I can't think 6 could be broken at the same time. Normal Comcast "canned answer" to get you off the phone. 

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yup, there are known issues with sylvania tv's with the remotes, they don't release the codes to make the tv's work, you can google to see if you can find some, there are tons out there.