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Connecting WII and DVD thru Cable box.

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All afternoon I have been trying to figure out how to hook up my WII and DVD player thru my HD cable box and I have had no luck at all. Could someone please help!! Having to continuously unhook the wires from the back of the Tv is going to get old real fast.

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You may have to resort to getting a Video Switcher if there are NOT multiple inputs for your TV.  There are different STB's, the ones I have seen do NOT support a good way to port your Game Consoles or other equipment through the STB, but maybe the other STB do a better jobs then the ones I've seen.


Look for a video switch box that has automatic switching, the different inputs have a priority, that way if you turn off your game console of DVD player, it will automatically switch to the next device that is still on.  That way you turn the devices on and off with your universal remote and NOT have to get up and manually switch between devices.  


A good video switcher will provide far better video quality than daisy chaining multiple devices over coax, with the signal passing through multiple devices before reaching the tv.

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how many inputs does your tv have?  You really cant hook anything up input wise to the cable box it is an output device.  To use the Wii, and dvd requires two sets of inputs, if you only have rca jack inputs on your tv then you need 3 sets to make all those devices work or get a hub like it was mentioned above.  I would just go buy a new tv mine has 8-10 inputs depending on how Im going in, component, hdmi and so forth.

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As well, using the multiple inputs for your TV avoids the dreaded A/B switch scenario that COMCAST believes is a viable option for their proprietary system.


Connect your STB via the baseband (yellow/red/white) rca connectors to your TV, unless you have an HD STB, this connector will provide just as good of an SD picture as the coax cable, connect coax from the wall directly to the TV.  Connect you game consoles and DVD player to the other Aux input to your TV.  Use your TV remote to switch between sources for the video signal.


This way, if you want to recieve the local channels, that COMCAST is required by law to keep in the clear, with your TV and get the local HD channels and watch them in HD (if you have an HDTV) just by using your remote to switch sources for your TV.


Like I said, if you have more devices then you have inputs for the TV, you need to get a Video Switcher and connect everything to the switch and use the switch to change sources for the TV.


If your TV does NOT have any auxilary connectors, you can get a RF modulator with mutliple inputs, connect everything to the RF modulator and it will do the switching and output the signal via coax cable to connect to your TV.

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I have a new HD LCD LG TV. I have the DVD hooked up but have no other ports on the TV to hook up the Wii. I have HD cable service. Where does one purchase a Video Switcher or RF Modulator and which is more preferable to use? Is it easy to install?

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You might get better input by contacting your TV manufacturer.  Other option would be a Google search?  It is also better to start a new post rather then append to one that is three years old..