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Comcast Search Engine

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‎05-25-2007 10:11 PM

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Re: Comcast Search Engine

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The fact that it brought up a search page isn't surprising, since the link is in the "Search" section of the rotation.

Comcast doesn't really control the search, they mostly just use Google as their search engine.

And if you want to keep your kids out of porn sites, I suggest you install blocking software on your computer, rather than expecting search engines to do the policing for you. Porn purveyors have learned many tricks to get themselves to the top of search engines.

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Comcast Search Engine

I was shocked today when clicked on a story about Keira Knightly quiting acting.  The click brought up a comcast search results page instead of just bringing up the story.
The first listing on the results was http://intogossip.blogspot.com/2007
The story was there but als an ad message from that site's "Sponsor"
Clicking on the sponsor's ad brings up the sponsor's product - a porn site - complete with several pornographic pictures including **bleep**.
I do not want my kids to accidentally stumble on this stuff while doing mainstream browsing. How do they get to the top of the comcast search engine?
I do not know if any one at comcast wiill review this but someone ought to care enough to prevent the **bleep** purveyor's from crossing over to mainstream.
PS  The article was also available from several legit (not porn connected) sites.  It looks like "intogossip" probably stole the story without reprint permission to attract customers