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Comcast Channel #433 Zip Code 34431 Dunnellon, FL

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I have been trying relentlessly trying to get the remaining 3 channels in my tivo guide fixed. channels 219, 220, and 433.


Comcast's Cablecard support states I receive CBS WGFLDT Gainesville for channel #433 in their scripted channel lineup for zip code 34431, this is not correct and nobody will correct it. It should be CBS WKMG 6.1 Orlando which is the channel received. My TiVo guide gives me data for WGFLDT. TiVo will never get this channel corrected until you state some way somehow that I receive CBS WKMG 6.1 from Orlando. NOBODY AT COMCAST will help with this! The lineup at Comcast needs this correction.


Also ch 219 DECADES and 220 COZI sub channels to WKMG are incorrect in my TiVo guide, 219 is showing WNBWDT3 COMET, 220 is showing WNBWDT2 MeTV.


The CBS issue will never get corrected until Comcast corrects the lineup stating I get CBS WKMG Orlando to TiVo officials.


PLEASE SOMEONE help with this.

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Hours spent on this again. Calling corporate in addition to this posting. Thanks


Refer to corporate ticket # ESL10289174

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The Tivo guide is provided by them, not by Comcast, so you need to report these problems to Tivo. See https://www.tivo.com/lineup.html

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The channel lineup @comcast is wrong as is the guide! Comcast now thinks I'm getting the wrong channel for CBS, REALLY! Like what about the rest of customers in Dunnellon.

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Attached is my lineup @xfinity.com when logged into my account, and it is correct. Yet I cannot get TiVo to latch onto this lineup in my guide because you Comcast have 2 different versions for my zip code. Furthermore you claim your lineup is the Bible...SEE Attached lineup and get it corrected with xfinity.com new customer services search/view lineup, and all tv guide sites that also have wrong lineup.


I have submitted the correct lineup to TiVo at Lineup@tivo.com as proof what you profess is BS!


Seems this issue in Dunnellon Florida goes all the way back to 2008...it is now 2017! Seriously what a joke! Nearly 10 years and you people still cannot get it right! WOW!!!


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TiVo support has stated that many in Dunnellon have been complaining for some time. Well here is proof your customers are not crazy like you make us out to be. Many incorrect channels in the guide TiVo has corrected since I signed up in December, I am relentless at getting this right. These last few channels though are impossible to correct because you keep feeding TiVo the incorrect lineup as FACT! The attached line up is in fact 100% correct and I matched it to every single channel at my neighbors as I don't have a lot of channels.


CH 3 IS WKMG-CBS(Orlando)

CH 433 IS WKMGDT-CBS(Orlando)



These are the TRUE channels received on our tv screens here in Dunnellon, FL. These are the last ones that need correction in the guide on our TiVo's. Corporate has in so many words claimed I am crazy...not so much anymore since I filed a report with the FCC. "Comcast Cares" what a joke...you don't care. If you cared you would listen to your customers instead of calling them crazy. So whomever needs to address this, get it fixed.

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What is the update on this with engineering? Corporate states they were going to contact you. TiVo claims they are still in dispute with Comcast over a correct lineup.

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Dunnellon area we now have a correct guide with Comcast!!! Corporate has been a great help in getting this done @TiVo, and my discovery of two different lineups for our area. One lineup was correct the other not. To view correct lineup online at xfinity.com, be sure to log into your account. Other sites for guide data will be corrected soon as well.