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Cablecard VCT ID not getting set on HDHomeRun Prime

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Cablecard VCT ID not getting set on HDHomeRun Prime

I have a cablecard that the phone technician activated today.  When he did, the card valitadion state went from None to Success, but I'm still not getting a channel lineup, and my card's VCT ID is still set to 0.


According to these forums, its a usually a headend configuration problem that needs to be escalated to be addressed (the phone technicians don't usually seem to be able to help).


Also, from the manufacturer's documentation:

One typical error in CC setup is a failure to have a correct VCTID which will inhibit your ability to get a channel list. By opening Network Settings you can look for VCT. If it is not greater than 0 then the VCTID [your SP’s headend for your area] is incorrect or not set [if it is also 0]. If this is the case you need to inform your SP of the error to get a channel list. 


The phone tech I just spoke to said that everything was working fine and that I need to replace the card, but all the posts on this forum seem to indicate that rarely (never?) helps.


Can anyone from comcast help?


Here's my Cablecard Status:

Card Manufacturer Motorola
Card Authentication success
Card Validation success
3DES encryption supported
OOB Frequency 75.250 MHz
OOB Lock 2.048 Mbps
Signal Strength 83% (-10.6 dBmV)
Signal Quality 100% (36.6 d
Channel List none


Here's my Cablecard Network Status:

OOB Mode:  OOB  GTC:  Unknown
2-Way:  Unknown 
Rx RF Freq: 75.25-NT  LKC: 75.25N
Tx RF Freq: ---.--  Power: --
RF-OOB Status:  IDLE
EMM ID/PID:  1/0x1503
VCTID: 0  OOB Msgs:  9125
  VCT: 0 OOB-rate: 12
  NIT: 316   XAIT: 0
  NTT: 810   CVT: 0
  STT: 53   EAS: 0
Full Tx:  0 Full Rx: 0  


And my cablecard status:

Man: Motorola Uptime: 0000 00:53
HW: 0554050003  Boot:  04.01
FW* 06.25 - --/--/-- --:--:-- 
FW  --.-- - --/--/-- --:--:-- 
Unit Address: 0x0004F80D55

DL State:  WAIT VCT ID 07.15
Left: 0 Rcvd: 0 Rate: 0
Last Error: NONE

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