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To start a new rant on this set top DVR box...

ONly one remote controlls it, and that doesn't have codes for Home theater systems.

The SA Explorer had two differnet remotes, one with a "Gray" OK button that had 4 digit codes that worked home theater systems, and the one with the "Red" OK button that didn't, and you could swap one for another.  The new CISCO boxes only have one remote, and it doesn't ahve Home theater codes.


My DVD player is also my 5.1 surround system, and I kind of got used to being able to use only one remote.


Now I don't want to sound too whiney that I now have to use two remotes, but why give us a universal remote that is not universal?


Second, why can't the guide actually load more than the next 2-3 days worth of information?  half the times if I want to look at the schedule more than 3 days out, it either has no data for that day, or it is not fully loaded in the box, and I get a "Loading Data please wait".  Hey Comcast, the DVR only works against shows in the schedule that are fully downloaded to the box.  I can look at next monday and see that Chuck is playing, and after the delay of "Loading Data Please Wait" see that it is new, but when I program the box to record it and select "only New" it doesn't register in the "Scheduled Recordings" because it hasn't loaded the full day into the box yet.


Third, Comcast's clock and the network(s) clocks don't match up.  If I don't manually edit every scheduled event to extend the recording end time by 5 minutes, I frequently lose the last minute or two of the show.  If I select the show in the guide it should record the whole show.  If I edit the scheduled recording for "every new episode" and put a 2-3 minute buffer before the start and after the end to make sure I don't miss the start (venture brothers) or the end (south park) why does it forget the change I made the next day before it even records the show, why does it forge tthe change I made right after it records the show and not remember the change I made for the next new episode?


OK, I've vented now