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I am more than frustrated with my POOR Cable Programming Service from Comcast , which I pay well over $120 monthly and am able to watch maybe 60 percent of the time. We have been directed by Customer Service to the local Comcast Office to get a new cable box about a dozen times to solve our programming issues!! Which we have to travel through 3 towns, from the mountains where we live to get the old comcast cable boxes swapped out for new ones!! One time we returned cable boxes 4 different times, we did the exchange 4 different times, we drove a total of over 120 miles total! We would get the box home, set it up, and it wouldn't work! The local office claimed it was a bad batch of comcast cable boxes!! You see I am a Disabled Veteran, my wife has to get out of work, to drive me 28 miles round trip every time a customer service tech thinks they know what their taking about and sends us for another box!!  I recently spent this past several weeks logging the instances of cable issues with our programming and in 30 days I logged over 200 instances where we were without service for a period of 15 minutes or longer each instance!! Okay now multiply 200 instances X 15 minutes and you get a total of= 3000 minutes just in the past couple of weeks!! That translates to about 50 hours !!! That basically means we are able to enjoy our cable programming about 60 percent of the time!! Okay now for the SHOCKER!!! This problem has been ongoing and constant since we started our COMCAST CABLE about a year and a half now! Comcast Customer Service swears the problem is with the box...EVERY TIME! They've sent technicians out which they either tell us it's a problem with the box and theirs nothing they can do or they don't even bother to get down!! We see them sitting in their van from our window!!  To begin with when they sent the COMCAST Cable Installation Tech he had never been on an installation by himself, he had just finished training and the total installation took over 9 hours to complete!!  Then a couple of days later is when our phone calls to comcast began!! Last winter around this same time we purchased a new 40" HDTV LCD Flat Screen TV, at that time our 6 month special priced programming for cable TV was about to expire. We decided to call Comcast and decide if it was worth keeping. The technician woman explained that since we now have "A NEW- HDTV FLAT SCREEN, OUR PROGRAMMING PROBLEMS WOULD MOST CERTAINLY BE FIXED ONCE WE UPGRADED TO THE HDTV PREMIER PROGRAMMING PACKAGE DEAL!" Well she was wrong!! We called COMCAST after having the programming maybe a couple of days a informed Customer Service that we were having pixel/motion problems now, and the cable box was randomly shutting off by itself and changing channels. Customer Service was VERY RUDE and said we were NOT GOING TO BE CREDITED FOR THE NEW PROGRAMMING WE STARTED, AND THAT THERE WAS ABSOLUTLEY NO WAY TO SWITCH BACK TO OUR OLD PROGRAMMING!! AND AGAIN REFERRED US TO RETURN OUR OLD BOXES AND EXCHANGE THEM FOR NEW ONES! WELL A COUPLE MONTHS LATER OUR NEW LCD FLAT PANEL TV BURNT OUT!! SONY SENT A SERVICE TECH, WE CALLED A LOCAL PRIVATE TV/ELECTRONICS TECH TO INSPECT AND FIND OUT WHY OUR NEW TV WASN'T WORKING! BOTH TECHNICIANS BOTH ASKED THE SAME THING "DO YOU TURN YOUR TV ON AND OFF FREQUENTLY? THE ON/OFF COMPONENT OR SWITCH THING INSIDE BURNT OUT ON OUR NEW SONY BRAVIA LCD TV THAT WE HAD HAD LESS THAN 2 MONTHS! So of course this was due to the Comcast Cable box or programming shutting off randomly throughout any given day!! So on top of upgrading to an expensive package that works 60 percent of the time, now we were out a $2,000 LCD TV! and we still not watching ANY TV!  We bought a new 50" LG Plasma now, spent a lot to have the Sony Bravia shipped back to Sony and fixed and quite frankly are expecting the same thing to occur on our new TV because the cable box shutting off hasn't been resolved nor has anyone ever even as much as credited us a single red cent for our $2,000 LCD TV, the programming we practically ever watch nor our time! CONSIDERING YOUR LOGO OF "COMCAST KNOWS HOW VALUABLE MY TIME IS!!" YEAH RIGHT COMCAST CUSTOMER SERVICE PROBABLY DOESN'T EVEN LOG YOUR COMPLAINTS, BECAUSE ON A FEW SEPARATE OCCASIONS WE'VE CALLED JUST HOURS, OR DAYS AFTER OUR INITIAL CALL AND THE CS REP. DOESN'T EVEN SEE NOTES ON OUR PREVIOUS CALLS!! IN ALL MY YEARS I have had Directv, Dish, Primestar, Cox and BY FAR THIS HAS GOT TO BE THE WORST SERVICE BY FAR!! AND I DO MEAN THE WORST!! RIGHT NOW WE HAVE BEEN SITTING IN FRONT OF A BLANK SCREEN FOR THE PAST 2 HOURS, WE WERE IN THE MIDDLE OF A MOVIE AND OF COURSE MISSED THE LAST 15 MINUTES OF IT!! I HAVE LIVED EVERYWHERE, MANY PLACES, WITH MANY SERVICES SUCH AS, HOME TELEPHONE, TRASH SERVICE, CELL PHONE SERVICE, CABLE/SATELLITE SERVICE, GAS AND ELECTRIC, ETC...I HAVE EVEN LIVED IN PLACES WHERE I HAVE BEEN IN AN EARTHQUAKE, MAJOR FOREST FIRES, FLOODS, OKAY LETS JUST SAY A LOT OF NATURAL & MAN MADE TYPE DISASTERS AND NEVER, NEVER, EVER, EVER HAVE FELT SO VIOLATED, TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF AND JUST FLAT OUT SCAMMED BY A COMPANY PROVIDING A SERVICE TO THE PUBLIC IN MY LIFE UP UNTIL THE PAST YEAR AND A HALF OF CABLE SERVICE THROUGH COMCAST!!  OH YEAH AND FOR THE OUTAGE TONIGHT, COMCAST CUSTOMER SERVICE OFFERED TO CREDIT US FOR ONE DAY ON OUR BILL DUE TO A LOCAL OUTAGE!! WOW!!  YOU KNOW WHAT I FEEL SORRY ABOUT? THE FACT THAT I HAVE REFERRED OVER 10 OF OUR CLOSE FRIENDS AND RELATIVES TO COMCAST!!  THAT IS BEFORE WE KNEW THAT COMCAST WAS JUST AN INFERIOR VERSION OF A CABLE/SATELLITE DISH TYPE SERVICE COMPANY!! AND THAT THEY DON'T HONOR THEIR CUSTOMER SATISFACTION PROMISES AS ADVERTISED NOT ONLY ON TV BUT ALSO YOUR WEBSITE AND MAGAZINES/NEWSPAPERS!  I FEEL I AM DOING MY FAMILY AN INJUSTICE TO CONTINUE WITH YOUR CABLE PROGRAMMING, BECAUSE WE ARE HARDLY EVER ABLE TO WATCH A MOVIE, SHOW, GAME, CARTOON, CONCERT OR NEWS BROADCAST UNINTERUPTED WITH OUT HAVING PIXEL/MOTION PROBLEMS, OR CONSTANT POWER/SHUT DOWN OUTAGE PROBLEMS!! ALSO ANOTHER PROBLEM WE HAD "ON DEMAND- CHANNEL 1" ONLY A FEW MONTHS WHEN WE INITIALLY BEGAN COMCAST, HOWEVER WE HAVE NOT HAD CHANNEL 1 FOR A VERY, VERY LONG TIME!! THAT IS UNTIL THE OTHER NIGHT WHEN PROGRAMMING BEGAN CHANGING CHANNELS, I HAD IT ON HBO AND OUT OF NO WHERE IT BEGAN SWITCHING THE CHANNEL TO CHANNEL ONE!! AND TONIGHT WE HAVE HAD NO CABLE CHANNEL PROGRAMMING ON ANY CHANNEL SINCE 11:30PM ON 11/19/2010. THERE WAS JUST MAYBE 15 MINUTES LEFT IN THE MOVIE "AVATAR" WHICH WE HAD NEVER SEEN BEFORE!  WE ALWAYS GET SOLICITED TO GO BACK TO DIRECTV OR DISH AND I NEVER HAD NOT SINGLE PROBLEM WITH EITHER TV PROGRAMMING COMPANIES MUCH LESS A PROGRAMMING PROBLEM!!  I FEEL LIKE WE ARE NOT VALUED CUSTOMERS OF COMCAST AND WE DID FELL APPRECIATED AND VALUED BY DIRECTV & ALL OTHER CABLE COMPANIES AND AM SERIOUSLY CONSIDERING GOING WITH ANOTHER CABLE COMPANY SO THAT I CAN AT THE VERY LEAST GET WHAT I AM PAYING FOR!! I AM MOST CERTAINLY NOT GETTING THE MONTHLY SERVICE I PAY FOR WITH COMCAST AND HAVEN'T SINCE MY RELATIONSHIP BEGAN OVER A YEAR AGO!!  I APPRECIATE YOUR TIME IN READING MY FEEDBACK ABOUT COMCAST DIGITAL CABLE!!   

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 Sorry to hear you are having issues. A forum administrator has been notified. It may be Monday until someone gets back to you on that. Please keep watching this forum thread for a response.

Since this is primarly a customer to customer help site there is little we can do on scheduling techs or things like that.


Does your cable box have a extra AC outlet for plugging a television into for power? If so do you use that for the television power? If you do might I recommend that you use a seperate outlet plug for the television; it might prevent any future burnout of the television if the boxes are constantly power on and off on their own. I have a Samsung LCD that I have owned for over 4 years and have had no issue with the power on/off switch so perhaps that may have been a issue with your tv. But not using the switched outlet on the cable box would still be a safe thing to not do at this time until you get the power issue fixed.


Also is it possible that there are power surges going on in the house? They might cause the box to power off like that since it has been doing it for all your boxes. When you get new boxes are they from the same maker? Not trying to cover for Comcast; I am also a customer just trying to help you out and believe me if I got treated that badly I would not be happy either. In my area I still have a local office so when we do have problems we get a little better treatment then you have. At least the techs get out of the vans and take a look at an issue for us.

It will also help to make sure the cable box is in a open spot, so the top is not obstructed. I had some issues with a cable box that were random and when I moved it so the top of the box was always open for ventilation they went away. These things are very sensative to overheating sometimes. That could explain some of the random changes.

Also if you can get a tech out there have them check the signal strength coming into your house. The pixelation issue can be weak signals. The outside wiring is Comcast property and they should be able to check it at no charge to you. Also check the inside connectors for tightness, finger tight on the boxes, and any exposed braiding around the connector. You mentioned the length of time it took for the installtion. Loose connectors could cause signal issues also. If there are splitters in the wiring inside the house and you can remove any that are not needed that will help increase the signal strength inside the house.


Keep us posted. We are here to help you the best we can.



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Can you send an email to me with account and contact info? We want to make it right for you.


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Have you talked to your local power company about getting a monitor put in to check the condition of the power entering your house?  I would think that somebody in you Public Utilities or Veterans group could help you get such a thing to at lease stop that finger pointing...

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