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password recovery options?

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I have found a work through option, although it's not ideal for everyone.


I get the same redundant message every time I try to log into my email accounts.  I have two, one for personal and one for business.  Yes, I can click the "ask me later" button every time. And yes, it only takes a second to get to the screen I want.  But in our fast pace, microwave society, it's just an annoying inconvenience and as a public relations professional, only escalates ill will toward Comcast.  It would behoove them to eliminate this screen after a time or at least allow a "don't ask me again" button common with most financial institution websites.


My workaround is that I can get my email through Microsoft Outlook.  I get all my emails in both my comcast accounts and don't have the annoying screen problem.  A side benefit is I also don't have to go through two home screens to get it either...the initial homepage and then the email homescreen page, let alone the recovery option page.  No irritating animated pop-ups on the side, no advertisements about celebrity gossip or upcoming shows to redirect my focus.  Just in and out and done.


If I'm not mistaken, Microsoft Outlook is free if you are a microsoft customer, but I may be wrong on that.  In any case, that's my option.  Hope it helps some.

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This is really annoying--to have to answer to this verification screen every time I just want to get directly to my email. This email account has been so problematic of late (inbox outline only but no emails listed, disappeared file listings, etc.) and this new requirement only adds to the annoyance. I fear this screen asking for my info (and some verification question about what beverage I drink--what is THAT?) will eventually result in not being able to log in at all. Why is all this necessary now?

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You can download and install a free email client program, to download and store your email on your machine, and leave Comcast's offering behind.  Thunderbird (my favorite) and Windows Live Mail are easy to install and use, and have way more features than any webmail.

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This problem has been around for over a year as Comcast doesn't regard it as a problem.  The response from Comcast on this forum has been that this "feature" was implemented to make password recovery more secure.  What a pile of baloney.  Between this issue and the issues I've had with their email client I'm ready to move on to a different provider for internet and TV.