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To Much Garbage

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their is way to much advertizement garbage

to many adds are taking quaility from comcast

On every web page , just a small movement of

my mouse pick up unwant advertizement

even on craigeslist underline word advertizement

make me very ticked

We pay top dollar for comcast  service

and this company is underminding what

we pay for

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Comcast does advertise directly on their own domains of course..


However, they have absolutely no control over what other ads are out there on the internet.


The internet is a free market and now that more people spend time online than they do watching TV that's where the ads are going to go. Ads go to where the people are.


There are extensions you can load for your internet browser that block most ads. I personally use Ad Block Plus for Chrome and rarely see ads..

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On thevComcast homepage where you see an ad, below the ad you will see AD INFO, if you click on that it will take you here >http://xfinity.comcast.net/adinformation/


There, you can opt out of many ads.  I also use Ad  Blocker Plus Add On with Firefox browser.


Remember too, if there weren't any ads the cost of your service would go up.  



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Along with the comment about "Too Much Garbage", one of my pet peeves is the "Pop Quiz" which was the first thing I saw as I just logged on, asking how much we know about celebrities' "Lesser Known" spouses. I'm sure there are many people who follow this sort of thing, but I'll bet there are a lot more people who feel as I do: who really CARES? I would feel better served if the first thing I see is something relevant - like the latest stock market info. Put the stars' spouses junk somewhere else and let interested people SEARCH for it.