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Stars who served in the military

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Twice I have noticed you have listed “Stars That Have Served In The Military”, and twice I have noticed you have failed to list what I believe is a very deserving individual.  Audey Murphy was the most decorated soldier in WWII and a medal of honor winner. He was also a movie star.  Why is he not listed?

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Major Audie Murphy ( I corrected your spelling.  Had to look it up.  I'm a horrible speller!) was indeed a fine man, movie star, hero and most certainly worthy of incusion.  I don't know why he wasn't included in this collection, nor does anyone else here.


Despite the misleading appearance, this is a customer to customer forum, with extremely limited interaction from actual Comcast employees.  You're not really talking to Comcast here.


I didn't see this offering, and won't since I avoid Comcast websites like the plague they are.  But I do know they generally link to other "stuff" without editing, and in this case, at least, are likely innocent of what was in the show.


Good for you, though, to know about him and for expressing your outrage that he wasn't included.  I'm slowly walking my way to his burial site on the Appalachian Trail, that I might take a bit of time out of my busy day to pay homage to a true hero.


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FYI He is buried in Arlington National Cemetary. Medal of Honor winner so he earned it.


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I notice you included many Hollywood stars who served in the military, even Clint Eastwood who supervised the swimming at Ft Ord??


Why wasn't Audie Murphy included?  He was the most decorated soldier of WWII but didn't even get an honorable mention!  Maybe the people doing the research are too young to remember.

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That, among a plethora of others.  You're correct, I misspoke, er mistyped.  There's a memorial on the Trail, not his burial site.