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Overall Comcast Homepage Issues

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I find that Comcast's homepage overall needs to stop the autoload ad's with sound which I cannot stop, I have to turn my volume. The find local girls and have quick dates ads is offensive. The rollover ad which makes me always watch were my mouse is in that area. And the constant beginning ad of Portsmouth Chevrolet before every video is tedious and repetitive.

We pay enough for Comcast why is our " Personal  Homepage " need so much Advertising. You would think this would somehow bring down our bills since it must be generating revenue for Comcast. Im sure Comcast will respond with a typical business oriented answer and give us all the reasons why it's in compliance. But it still makes for poor customer service when we as consumers cannot get a break from ad's that Autoload, make us move our mouse away from an area, show disrespectful dating ads. Trouble is not many Cable players in town. So we have to deal with it. I hope I get some of a real answer and not a canned one. Which I expect.

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-I most definitely agree regarding the constant ads on the home page that are obnoxious and often interfere with the main stories at the top of the page, for that reason I have to choose another home page such as philly.com, while no page has a perfect setup at least the layout is easier to view and there aren't any flashing ads all the time plus you can view a screen show without having to readjust the web page every time you select the next image, which is irritating as loose bowels. You would think that since we are paying a higher fee than other types of internet connection we wouldn't be overwhelmed with ad-naseum.