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Newtown father was not heckled. Be responsible.

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Newtown father was not heckled. Be responsible.

It was shown that because of creative editing by certain networks, that the father of a Newtown shooting victim was not heckled. You chose to make it a headline story when it was originally reported, but have neglected to show that it was false.

If you choose to report all the news, and also choose to do it fairly and without bias, then you should also show that he was not heckled, and do it in a headline to match your original.

That is only the fair and responsible thing to do if you show news on your website.

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Re: Newtown father was not heckled. Be responsible.

Add to that list

The New York Times


Huffington Post


and all the other news outlets/newspapers which used the same headline


Comcast doesn't write the blurb. Someone else does and that story was provided by AP. It has been mentioned several times in the forum that Comcast is not allowed to change what is given to them-something to do with being contractually bound to provide it as is.



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