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Is this real?

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‎01-14-2013 11:22 AM

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Is this real?

[ Edited ]
Dear Comcast Member,
The credit card we have on file for your Comcast Internet service
was declined when we attempted to bill you on 01/13/2013 for your
most recent service fees. For this reason, your service could be suspended.
Please visit our Account Information page:
(link removed)
Update your credit card information as soon as possible.
Once your credit card information is updated, you will be charged
immediately, as soon as payment is received.
Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. We look
forward to continuing to serve you.
E-mail ID: 807326978947638
Online Session PID: 5691705504
Comcast Customer Care
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Re: Is this real?

No. Comcast did not send the mail. It's a phishing attempt. While we understand that you wanted to ask about the mail,  for future reference do not include links from such mails. The link you posted is not an active phishing link-if it were your post would be removed and sent to a secure area out of public view.


Please read this Comcast Email Phish or Legit? How to Tell (and rules for posting about your mail) clickable link.

It contains very useful information about mail that purports to be from Comcast. Included in the info is WHY phishing links should not be posted.

By the time you get through reading it YOU will be an expert on HOW to know that the mail is a phishing attempt.


Comcast employees must be authorized to post in the forum in an official capacity. Employees posting here have their names in red and are designated as employees. Names not in red are customers.

This is done to protect customers and for assurance that they are dealing with a Comcast employee.
Non-Authorized Employees are allowed to post but cannot state they are employees nor can they allude to being employees.

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Re: Is this real?

This is one of many Comcast phishing scams that have been circulating for several months If you are in doubt DO NOT OPEN THE LINK  but go to comcast account page and see for yourself.

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Re: Is this real?

The tip off that this is a scam is the way it is addressed "Dear Comcast Member", if Comcast sent you an email they would have addressed to you by name.

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Re: Is this real?

Any email communication that is actually from Comcast or Xfinity will always have the Comcast logo in front of the From:

See this:


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