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Blast Plus and Streampix! Watch out!

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Blast Plus and Streampix! Watch out!

This promotion is Bait and Switch! Avoid it at all costs!!!!! 


I have had the exact same issue. When I signed-up for Blast Plus (49.99) it included Streampix. The

Streampix never worked! I called 3 or 4 times and finally had a technician come out but he could not fix it.


When I called the customer service line, they told me the technician removed it from the account.

They also told me that Streampix would not work on the TV because I don't have on-demand (not written in the contract or in the details/restrictions). But Streampix never worked on my computer either.


When I asked to have it removed again (for a price reduction), I was told that the price would be the same (with or without Streampix). I even got the customer service rep (JPR) to look online and see the promotion, I signed up for! Nevertheless there was "nothing he could do."


When I asked to speak to a manager, none were available. When I asked to be forwarded to the sales department, the system went down. Can you believe it?


Horrible service and bait and switch to top it off. They will be hearing from my attorney.


***********************Go with Netflix! They will treat you better*******************

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Re: Blast Plus and Streampix! Watch out!

Did you have video service too, or only Internet? I thought Streampix also required a video subscription.

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Re: Blast Plus and Streampix! Watch out!

I've heard this complaint a few times. There must be something with this promo that is confusing the CSRs. You might want to drop a note to Comcast corporate customer service (we_can_help@cable.comcast.com) and ask them to help you. Streampix is included with Blast Plus.

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Re: Blast Plus and Streampix! Watch out!

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andyross wrote: Did you have video service too, or only Internet? I thought Streampix also required a video subscription.

The Plus in "Blast Plus" is Digital Economy video. The kicker is Digital Economy does not include On Demand. So if you have Blast Plus, the only way you can watch StreamPix on your TV would be to stream it some way other than On Demand. I'd be surprised if 1 in 10 salesreps/CSRs understand that.


And they're still at it. The Blast Plus promo at http://www.comcast.com/Corporate/shop/productoverview-tp99tv39.html says: 

With XFINITY Streampix™ stream hit movies and entire past seasons of your favorite shows like Lost, Heroes and 30 Rock, instantly, on any screen. Watch on TV, streaming on your laptop or smartphone.

If you're new to Blast Plus, you have to really be paying attention to realize that "Watch on TV" does not mean "On Demand". Not for nothing does Comcast have an army of lawyers.

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Re: Blast Plus and Streampix! Watch out!

Yes, the same thing almost happened to me, but thanks to these postings, I caught the sales girl in the middle of a scam. Here's how it goes..

Me: How can I watch NFL football games on regular TV, on my computer?

CC(Cindy from the Philipines at ComCast): Hi sir, yes, I can offer you an application called Streampix free for 12 months.

Me: Really?

CC: Yes sir. You can watch any show on your iPhone or Computer with Streampix.

Me: Great! I'll take it!

CC: Keyboard typing in the background....Sir, I see you are paying $131.00 for internet, and cable. There is a special deal now where you can have the same services PLUS phone for $99.99. Would you like to take advantage of this great opportunity sir?

Me: No, I called asking for on-line TV only, I did not call for other services. 

CC: But sir this is a great opportunity.

Me: I have not had a home phone for over 10 years, why would I need a phone now?

CC: Ok sir, I thought you might want to take advantage of this deal.

Me: No thanks.

CC: Ok sir, the charge will be $4.99 per month for the Streampix.

Me: Ahhhhhh, what happened to the free offer?

CC: Sir, it is free only if you sign up for the Triple Play.

Me: So why did you offer it to me free at the start of the call? Were you trying to trick me?

And so the call went on and she was defensive, I asked to speak to her manager, the manager came on and said Streampix is like a "Netflix" application, and can't be used to watch live NFL football games.

So there you go folks,,,Caveat emptor!!! "Buyer Beware"