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Cannot add Personal Email

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Cannot add Personal Email

I ordered service to a new address this morning. I'm already annoyed to find out that I wasn't permitted to use my old account from Comcast service a few years ago, but am being forced to use some newly created account. Further proof of what a technically backward, customer-last organization Comcast is. Very irritated that Comcast has a monopoly on internet service in my new area, otherwise there's no way I would do business with this organization again--after some blissful Comcast-free years, I'm now quickly reminded how awful it is to deal with them.


That all aside, I am running into a whole host of stupid little technical issues with the new account, and the chat support has not been helpful in solving any of them. The one I'm running into immediately is that I'm not able to add a Personal Email--it just has the useless newly created Comcast email address listed. When I attempt to add, I get a poorly worded error: "Email not Unique.Email already exists in the account". Anyone have any idea how to correct this issue?

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Re: Cannot add Personal Email

I'm having the identical problem. I tried chatting online with a rep, who passed me off to another rep, who promised they could remove my gmail address from the old account and add it to the new one. They said they had to call me to verify. I asked why they had to call if I was asking them to do it, and they said they would add a note on my account giving my permission. Of course, the next day, I get a call anyway from Comcast. I told them there should be a note on my account, they ignored me, but they said they would add my gmail address to the new account. Now it's listed as a "secondary email" on my old account and STILL doesn't work for my new one. 


I wish I could say I've ever once had an experience with Comcast that didn't require multiple follow-ups on my end, but that would not be the case. 

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Re: Cannot add Personal Email

I founf the answer to this issue from another post on the forum.

You have an old Comcast account that uses your personal email address.  You will need to either 1) log into the old account and remove the email address or 2) contact customer service and have them remove the email address from your old account.


This issue was causing me much grief too.  I went with Option #2 and it worked.



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