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windows live mail 2011

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windows live mail 2011

Greetings...  I have been using Windows Live Email 2011 for several years now, and have learned that Microsoft will be ending their support for this software soon.  Wondering what people are recommending as a replacement?  Still want to access email from my desktop rather than via the web.  Thanks for your help!!


Re: windows live mail 2011

What version of Windows are you running?  If you are in Windows 10 the Mail app that comes with it is basic, but usable.  It depends on how many bells and whistles you want.  For many, the go-to non-Microsoft client is Mozilla Thunderbird, which is a very easy transition when you are used to the MS products.  They are no longer developing new features for it, but it is still fully supported in terms of security and other updates.


Microsoft has a history of dropping support for their email clients after X period of time.  I would recommend Thunderbird, but there are other alternatives-------------------