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Under the new email system that I have I went into attachments .... I attached a scanned was a letter I had written to a college....when I clicked on it to attach it to my email a red box appeared saying PDF.  I wanted to read the document before sending it as an attachment.  I cannot find any way to open it.  Please help?!


Re: email

In the new format, there is no provision per se to preview document files.  You need to make sure it's right before you attach it.  Or, you can click on it and then on "Open in browser", which will download it back to the computer so you can open it again.  You can preview image files after they are attached by clicking on the window-like icon above the message body.  That will generate a thumbnail of it.  You said the attachment was a scan----yes?  If so is it in .png format?  That might also generate a thumbnail.  Try it.



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