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Stolen secondary email account

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Stolen secondary email account

I have (had!) a secondary comcast email account that I've used for 20 years. Suddenly I stopped getting emails on it and Comcat support tells me it's assigned to someone else. I have a large library of past emails on that account saved to my gmail account, so I have proof that I've been using this over the years. My ticket has been escalated twice over the last 3 weeks and all I get is "we're looking into it."


In the meantime, someone else is reading emails being sent to me. I sent an email to that account myself to confirm it wasn't bouncing...  no, someone's receiving them.


What legal recourse do I have? I feel like this is identity theft - I have no idea what private information people are sharing in their emails to "me." My next step is to reach out to the local newspapers and TV stations to shame Comcast into actually doing something about this.


Re: Stolen secondary email account

Hi Jumonji -- I can help with your email issue. Can you send me a PM with what that email address is please?


Click my name (ComcastZach) and click Private Message Me.