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Sporadic Receipt of Emails

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Sporadic Receipt of Emails

I receive emails from my desktop running Windows 10.  My email client is Windows 10 Mail.


I'm using AVG's filewall.


I have five email accounts, including my Comcast email account which I check every day.  All of my other email accounts download a few email every day, but, Comcast does not.  My Comcast email account only displays my Comcast email messages about once a week.  Then, I get emails for several previous days.  It is like the email is hanging up for some reason.  None of my other email accounts exhibit this behaviour.


I tried to use another email client, Mozilla's Thunderbird, but, it isn't even recognizing my Comcast account's username and/or password.


I've played around with AVG's firewall.  I can't seem to be able to change incoming or outgoing ports with Windows 10 Mail email client.


Any suggestions?




Re: Sporadic Receipt of Emails

If you go directly to the Comcast webmail UI using only your browser, does the email work OK?