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Resume an old email address?


Resume an old email address?

The Background:



I have a different old email address that has not been active for a few years.

The account was closed & deleted.


My Questions:


    • How are email addresses identified?
    • Can someone else use that address once I've relinquished it?
    • Can I pick that it again, if it has not been used by someone else?



Comcast blocking email to a dead or old email account?

Does Comcast eventually block all email traffic to a dead/non-existent account?

Do they generate a rejection black list for such an address?


I have a couple of old email accounts I gave up & deleted some time ago. Well past 90 days.

One of those addresses is a destination address: It is a "copy also to...@comcast" destination from another source.


  • Emails sent to the deleted Comcast address used to come back as "not our client."
  • I have now revived this old email address in order to pick up those email notifications.
  • However, I'm not getting emails from that location.
    Other new emails come in, although not from that one account & I'm trying to figure out where the disconnect is.


Email Expert

Re: Comcast blocking email to a dead or old email account?

When a Comcast account is closed, the user ID (the part to the left of the @ symbol) is suspended for 90 days, and is then released into the pool of available IDs for any other Comcast customer that wants it.  So to answer your second question, yes---it's possible another customer is using it.  However, if no one ever did take it, there is no reason you couldn't use it again.


I'm not clear on what it is you were doing with it vis-a-vis some other email account.  Were you forwarding it someplace?  As long as the Comcast address is not in service, you would keep seeing "not our customer".  If you want to go back to the prior arrangement, you have to sign in as the primary account holder, and try to create the old account as a secondary, or even change the primary to it.

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Re: Comcast blocking email to a dead or old email account?



Hey, thanks.

I bumped up against a similar post & answer after I had posted mine.

My original search didn't yield anything that seemed to fit the bill.



I have since managed to reactivate the additional old Comcast email address. What I need is not arriving.

(all other new email appears to be working, except what I needed to come through).



  • I'm trying to eliminate Comcast procedure as the source of my problem.
    My questions were boiled down to their simplest essence, for clarity's sake.


  • The extra [old, re-activated] Comcast account was used a 'verify' notification. (send also to ... email address)
    For my ["external," non-Comcast] account as a failsafe, in case I got locked out of that.


  • I didn't realize I was still driving to that defunct Comcast address: now I might need to use it.



If anyone could pick up that user id after 90 days,
they would be picking up all the old spam driven there as well, I presume. Correct?


===>> That's what I am [now] wondering: Could there be some other identifier missing in order to re-establish that address as before?


( I hope you aren't getting a notification for every edit I've made to this post, in order to be crystal clear).



Re: Resume an old email address?

The part not really spoken to, was the question of a "blacklist":


Whether Comcast command central notices that a defunct account has a few dozen pings a month,
decides its similar to a DoS attack & as a result places the legitimate originating domain on a blacklist?


For instance: When a new user picks up an old address that was deleted & dropped back into the reincarnation pool, what keeps the new person from getting the old user's spam? If indeed it does.


    1. How do I discern this?
    2. How do I fix it?

Re: Resume an old email address?

Update: I have contacted customer support via a chat.


Apparently, I conclude this is not unheard of:

To have a domain & ip already blocked with no action on the part of the user.


The unblock request form I was asked to fill in required an ip address. I was directed to an instruction page, but it did not help.

I sent an email to try & get pinged back which should include the ip in the header.


Did not have an ip address, since nothing came through. Character count in the correct email address exceeded the 15 alloted,

therefore I could not use the sending email address in place of an ip address.


The agent was gracious & was going to take care of it, since I could not complete the form sufficiently to trigger the report & request.

Though I have no timeframe for the action & have not yet received the notification email.



Re: Resume an old email address?

Sorry for adding to my own thread so often...


However, I am puzzled. I contacted support to find out about blocks of external ips & domains.

The Comcast agent/rep was very nice & appeared helpful, though ignored a few of my posed questions during the chat.


When I was unable to discern the ip of the addresses which were not coming through (I think), and the 'request for unblock' form didn't allow entry of

the actual email addresses, she said she would take care of it.


How do I know it was taken care of?

Its less than 24 hours since the chat, but I didn't receive a timeframe & so haven't got clear expectation for the resolution.

Or to know if it didn't work.


Not clear:

    • Whether I would receive Comcast notification, or
    • whether I should finally know if my triggered [blocked?] email finally comes through.

It was likewise unclear when our chat session ended.

We exchanged pleasantries, requisite "thank-yous" but it felt as though I was left hanging whether I should stay logged into the chat, or whether we actually were through & I could sign off.


Thus, despite one of the better tech support interactions - 


Re: Resume an old email address?

Did I get the answer I needed?

An auto-generated email asks if I received an acceptable answer to my forum question. I guess to award "likes," or close the issue.

Which makes me chuckle - most of the replies were my own clarifications. To help frame the question & issue better for people with suggestions.


No. I did not get an answer from anyone that resolved my issue.

I contacted Comcast tech support. Mostly a good experience. I did not have the ip address required to complete the form. This was needed to fill in the UNBLOCK form. 


I only had the email addresses the sending company would auto-generate FROM.
A well-meaning Comcast Agent in chat completed the UNBLOCK request for me - but apparently pinged Comcast's own local router & submit that as the blocked ip address!


I have not found out if the sender is the problem, or if the sender was actually blocked on the Comcast end.

I got no answers to my questions how old email addresses are handled, so that I know where to take it next.


Since I am trouble shooting my own issue, it would be interesting to know if I could append the email address onto another user's account & see if they get a different outcome.


The issue remains unresolved.


Re: Resume an old email address?

Redundant post.

The forum errored on my attempt to post & then gave me a duplicate.


Re: Resume an old email address?

Problem resolved.


I can receive pertinent email.


Have to say that the Comcast reps on the forum helped.

It was a long time getting to the solution, but it got there: the email account is now fully functional.


I can't offer anything in the way of tips for anyone else with similar issues, however.

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