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Links in e-mails

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Links in e-mails

I see some posts about issues with links contained in the bodies of e-mails not opening properly. My issue is a little different. Whereas in the past, if I clicked on the link in the body of an e-mail and it would open directly in a new tab, so that I could go back and forth to my e-mail folder, now it is opening in the same tab as the e-mail folder which means I then need to cose the tab and re-open the e-mail folder to get back to the original e-mail, which is pretty time consuming (especially if i"m trying to go back and forth between the original e-mail and the link). Is there a fix for this?


Re: Links in e-mails

If you right-click on the link, do you get a menu with one of the options as "Open in new tab", or some such?