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Iphone 6 not syncing with laptop

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Iphone 6 not syncing with laptop

I want to be able to check my email on my iphone6 and delete the junk messages and not have to delete them again when I'm on my laptop.  I've gone through the community forums, and my settings seem to be correct except for some of the numbers.  My phone is set to POP which I believe is correct, and the incoming number seems to be correct, but the outgoing is different.  Help me to be able to better manage my time!!


Re: Iphone 6 not syncing with laptop

When accessing your email from multiple devices, the protocol of choice is IMAP.  With that, everything is synced from one device to the other, and if you delete a message on one it's also deleted on the other.  POP does not have that capability.  When you enable a Comcast account in an app or desktop client, they will auto-detect it as IMAP compliant by default and should auto-configure it for you accordingly after you input your credentials.  You should find this of interest-------------------