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Email filters

Ok, this is apparently not new. I'm just adding my $.02 to the rest of the voices that seem to not be able to get anything corrected. I used email filters for years. In fact, I depended on them to let me know when specific people had sent a message. Now it's a disaster. I have deleted and reinstated filters. I have added to them by adding the same email address  second time. It's jsut NOT WORKING. I only use Explorer and Firefox. If anyone has a suggestion for a browser that might make a difference, please let me know.

I think it really annoys me as I feel that I should switch to gmail, etc. but I will not be able to get the email address that I would prefer. I like my present user name. I was probably able to get it by starting "on the ground floor" of the Comcast email system. To change email systems I would have to be "janedoe1234567" or something like that.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


Re: Email filters

Are you still in the old email format or the new one?  To tell, look at the URL in the address bar.  If it says Zimbra you have the old one.  If it says Appsuite you have the new one.