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EMAIL notification

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EMAIL notification

i used to be able to receive a "ding" notification on my pc when my email was open that i received a new email. this was done thru preferences, i believe.  dont seem able to do this with the new email.  i HATE this new email and i have had comcast for 20 years, before it was even comcast.  also, how do you avoid getting the home page of comcast when you use a bookmark on toolbar that is for comcast email?  i am using and have been using chrome as a browser. thank you.


Re: EMAIL notification

The new format has no provision itself for sound alerts.  But these days just about any mobile device has it, as do most desktop email clients.  As for the bookmark, try dragging and dropping the URL in the address bar to your desktop when in the Inbox page.  Normally though, the default is to take you to the homepage first.