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Auto reformating of what I have written

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Auto reformating of what I have written

I use email to send articles I write for a couple newsletters.  Tonight when I sent an article, I noticed when I checked my sent box that the format had auto corrected and put in extra spaces between paragraphs and some of the lines.  It was not the way I had written it.  I checked the formating options and nothing addresses this.  I tried forwarding and correcting, and it auto corrects again. I have spent 3 hours trying to send an article as I wrote it.  I am very, very frustrated.  I do not find the new Comcast to be user friendly.  It is already slower.  It is TERRIBLE.

If anyone knows how to fix this spacing and parsing issue, please help.  I had another article to submit tonight that will have to wait until morning when hopefully this can be managed. 


Re: Auto reformating of what I have written

There is no way to alter the line spacing in the webmail.  What I would do is write the articles in a word processor like MS Word, Mac Pages or some other, then send it as an attachment.  You said it's changed in the Sent folder;  did you ask the recipient if it looked OK?  Because there is no guarantee that formatting like that will render the same way in another email program either.