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third party answering machine loosing time

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third party answering machine loosing time

Bear with me please. I have an AT&T answering machine Model 1740. We also just changed our Modem to one that enables WIFI through our internet.  Not sure if this is related to one another or not. For years the AT&T model 1739 worked with no issues, after we got the new modem, we noticed the machine began to  loose time, about 1-3 minutes or so. We thought it was going bad so we bought another 1739 model and that did the same thing. So we bought the newer model 1740 and that also does the same thing. We called AT&T and told them the problem. He said it's a problem with Comcast and that I needed to call Comcast and ask them to 'correct the time stamp'. So I did and the woman was trying to be helpful but in the end admitted she thought I was saying something else was the problem and couldn't help me with a time stamp issue. It was difficult to hear her and understand her as she was a foreigner on top of this. We called again and my husband talked to Comcast and they said it is NOT a Comcast problem. sigh and to call AT&T. We told them we already did that and they said it was a Comcast issue. We feel like the perverbial ping pong ball. Does anyone here have the same issue, what was the solution if any etc? Or can anyone give us suggestions on this issue?  My husband is blind and uses the clock feature on the answering maching to quickly give him the time, been doing that for years with no problems. Plus this should just work right..The machine is a great little machine for the money and this is the third one since we began having issues, that is why we think the issue is a Comcast one. Thanks for any help on this. Kathy

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Re: third party answering machine loosing time

I sure hope we get some replies soon. We tried something this morning to test where the source of our problem is. We disconnected our answering machine from the phone system by unplugging the phone wire from the answering machine and plugging directly into the phone base, bypassing our answering machine altogether. The answering machine kept perfect time all  morning. So now we know the source of our problem is with Comcast, either the new modem or the issue with the Time Stamp as AT&T thought or something else. Again any help would be appreciated. Thank you. Kathy

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