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calls dropped, poor quality

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calls dropped, poor quality

I just switched to a Comcast phone from a wired Verizon landline. Calls are breaking up, getting dropped, and sometimes the person on the other end of the line cannot hear me at all. I've gone from having zero problems with my landline to problems on almost every call. I am ready to give it up. I have the same phones I had with the Verizon landline. Suggestions?

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Re: calls dropped, poor quality

I am experiencing a similar issue at office.   5 weeks ago started noticing call quality issues where the person on the other end said the call was breaking up.  We have been able to hear other callers just fine.  As one of the trouble shooting steps the Comcast technician offered to upgrade our Modem/Router to a DOCIS 3 CISCO ROUTER (TECHNICOLOR).  From that point on we've been getting dropped calls.  Our end appears as if the call is still active.  However, the person on the other end of the line gets dropped.  Our first clue is typically when we see the same number we thought we were talking to calling back. 


To isolate the issue from a hardware standpoint, we conneted a VOIP deskphone directly to the new modem/router and did not have anything else attached to the modem/router.  Inbound and outbound calls are getting dropped at exactly the 15 minute mark. 


Comcast has indicated they don't see anything wrong with the line when their technicians are here.  Though they did find that we were not bonding to 3 upload channels - only one.  We were told the fix was made the same day they determined this issue.  Only other item they are aware of that may affect call quality is a section of fiber that they want to replace, but will not do so until after the olympics are done being broadcast.  However, it seems unlikely this would relate to the dropped calls. 


The phone carrier is TDS.  They tell us that they can see ports changing when the call drops and pointed us to settings on our network/switch.  So far workign with VLAN's etc. has not resolved the matter and after conducting the isolation test above, it seems there is something on the ISP end that needs resolving -- perhaps related to the new modem which was installed.


Grateful for helpful information... 


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